Gender and Imprisonment

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  1. evidence of female imprisonment
    • no. of women in prison increasing at a faster rate than that of men
    • despite this:
    • McIvor and Burman (2011) no evidence that women are committing more crime
    • no evidence women's crimes are becoming more serious
    • or more women being prosecuted
    • Thus, increasing growth in female prison pop most likely reflects changes in the use of custodial sentences for female offenders rather than patterns of women offending
  2. Why?
    • as a society becoming increasing more punitive, harsher penalties, community sentences seen as "soft"
    • establish credibility, and to be seen as just
    • expressed reluctance to set "women to fail" by imposing community sentences on women that they couldn't fulfill and end up in prison by default
    • (particularly the case for women with chaotic lifestyles)
    • prison gives them access to appropriate services
    • prison - access to support to address their problems
  3. mental health statistic
    women in prison are 5x more likely to have mental health problems than the general population (Plugge et. al. 2006)
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Gender and Imprisonment
Gender and Imprisonment
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