CH21 Portable Computing notes.txt

  1. CH 21 Portable Computing
    CH 21 Portable Computing
  2. Major cost contributor of laptop is the...
    LCD screen.
  3. High gloss screen allows...
    wider view angle.
  4. Netbooks use __ CPUs
  5. PDAs that can make calls is called a ___
  6. What is the primary method of xfring data from PDA to PDA?
    infrared to beam data
  7. 2 types of tablet PC:
    Convertible (keyboard), Slate
  8. Which of these would be a security option for a laptop.
    PC Card.
  9. PCMCIA cards are hot swappable. T/F
  10. Parallel PCMCIA cards are __ bit and Express cards are __ bit.
    16 32
  11. PCMCIA cards in form factor only vary in ___
    thickness (not width
  12. Type 1 are flash memory, Type II are I/O (modem, NIC), Type III are...
    Hard Drives.
  13. How many Type II devices can fit into a Type III slot?
  14. Socket and Card services are for old parallel PC cards or Express cards.
    Only old parallel
  15. Every time Cindy plugs her laptop into the docking station her NIC goes off Why?
    The hardware profile for her docking station is configured to turn off wireless and use the network cable.
  16. Buy same type of RAM, but it ain't working well.
    Not HCL compatible (not signed by Microsoft)
  17. SODIMM for DDR and DDR2 has how many pins?
  18. To work on HW on laptop, you should...(2)
    Disconnect AC adaptor and remove battery.
  19. Desktop HD is 3.5 inches. Laptops HD's are ___ inches.
  20. You turn ur laptop on and screen doesn't come on, but projector does work what 2 HW devices could be bad?
    Inverter, or backlight.
  21. Mini PCI's are made to __ in your laptop.
    Lay flat.
  22. Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium) had what problem?
    Memory loss, i.e., can't ever re-reach its optimal capacity. Reconditioning helps with memory loss.
  23. Ni-MH (Metal Hydride) had what problem?
    explode, and some memory issue. Reconditioning helps with memory loss.
  24. Standby vs. Hibernate.
    Hibernate moves everything in RAM to the HD before going into hibernate. Standby, data stays in RAM and can be lost if power lost.
  25. Windows Power Management overrides CMOS. T/F
  26. Erin wants to encrypt his HD w/ Vista Home. Can he use Bitlocker?
    No. Bitlocker not on Vista Home.
  27. Bitlocker is available on what versions of Vista?
    Enterprise and Ultimate.
  28. Dim screen can mean (2)
    bad inverter or CCFL.
  29. Even if switch is off on NIC, you can still see it in Device Manager. T/F
  30. Disconnect WiFi when replacing what on your laptop.
    LCD screen. (WiFi antenna can be in screen)
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