Astronomy questions 1

  1. Each choice below describes how a few astronomical phenomena are related to time periods. Which list is entirely correct ?
    • -Earths rotation defines a day
    • - The cycle of the moon's phases takes about a month
    • - Earth orbit defines a year
    • - Earth's cycle of axis precession takes 26,000 years
  2. What is so called Jupiter ?
    A planet with a mass similar to Jupiter but very close to the central star and therefore hot
  3. Galileo challenged the idea that objects in the heavens were perfect by __________?
    observing sunspots on the Sun and mountains on the Moon
  4. Where is our solar system located within the Milky Way Galaxy?
    Roughly halfway between the center and the edge of the visible disk of the galaxy
  5. Why is it summer in the Northern hemisphere when it is winter in the Southern hemisphere?
    The Northern hemisphere is closer to the sun than the Southern hemisphere
  6. What determines almost everything about a star, including temp. and lifetime ?
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