Immunology Comprehensive Study

  1. Protein Phosphatases
    • enzymes that remove phosphate groups from proteins
    • regulate signaling by "resetting" proteins to original state switching signal "off"
  2. Protein Kinase Roles
    • 1. receptor activation
    • 2. activate cell response machinery
    • 3. regulate activty of enzymes by signaling phosphorylation/dephosphorylation
  3. Protein Kinases
    catalyze covalent attachment of phosphate group to a protein by protein phosphorylation
  4. Protein Kinase receptor types
    • 1. enzymatic activity via kinase intricate part of receptor
    • 2. non-enzymatic via kinase non-covalently bonded to receptor
  5. Phosphorylation associated with receptor activation occurs on which three amino acids
    • Tyrosine (tyrosine kinases)
    • Serine/threonine (serine/threonine kinases)
  6. Intracellular Signalling Pathway
    proteins that interact to transmit signal inside cell
  7. Signal transduction
    process that convert external signal to biochemical forms
  8. ITAM
    • Immunoreceptor Trosine-based Activation Motif
    • Needed by both BCR and TCR in order to be displayed on cell surface and to perform signaling functions
  9. lymphocyte antigen receptors are what type of receptors
    tyrosine-associated receptors
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