Bio Lecture 18 Formation of Species

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  1. An examination of fossil records shows that three modern species all had a common ancestor. This is an example of
    divergent evolution
  2. New genes are introduced into a gene pool by
    spontaneous mutations
  3. Which of the following
    would be an example of natural selection?
    In a forest, the taller oak trees produce twice as many acorns as shorter ones.
  4. Which of the following could be an agent of natural selection?
    characteristics of female animals that cause males to avoid them
  5. Unrelated birds that nest in holes in trees produce eggs with
    white shells, as opposed to eggs with speckled or colored shells. This is an
    example of
    convergent evolution
  6. Sexual selection can
    change the gene frequency
  7. The evolution of new species
    can take place in one generation
  8. There is a range of color in mice from black to brown to gray to
    white. In a region of white sand there is a black volcanic deposit. The white
    mice survive better on the white sand and the black mice survive better on the
    black volcanic deposit. This could be an example of
    disruptive selection
  9. There are many kinds of animals in which males have
    characteristics that are clearly disadvantageous to them. Which of the
    following statements offers the best explanation for the retention of these
    disadvantageous characteristics?
    Females may select males with the disadvantageous characteristics as mates over those males that lack the characteristics.
  10. One reason that each
    individual has unique genetic information is
    genetic recombination
  11. Many kinds of cactus and other desert plants, such as a
    Euphorbia, are remarkably similar in that they have fleshy plant bodies and
    spines. Their flower structures, however, show that they are not related. The
    process considered to be responsible for their similarity in structure is
    convergent evolution
  12. Plants, unlike most animals, can occasionally form new species
    in one generation. The mechanism by which this happens is
    a doubling or a tripling of the chromosome numbers
  13. Both bats and insects have wings; this is an example of
    convergent evolution
  14. Populations of hospital microbes contain mutations that protect
    them from specific antibiotics, that is, they are antibiotic resistant. The
    selecting agent in this situation is
  15. Which of the following is a
    common selective agent for natural selection
    competition for food and other resources
  16. The courtship rituals of many related animals are highly
    species-specific and prevent the related species from mating. This is an
    example of
    behavioral isolation
  17. Structures that are similar in different species and have a
    common ancestor are
  18. Which of the following
    would be an example of sexual selection?
    females avoid aggressive males
  19. Most populations tend to
    produce many more offspring than needed for replacement
  20. Two kinds of mice live in the same area but one is black and the
    other is brown. Which of the following questions would be most valuable in
    determining if they are of the same species?
    Do members of the two kinds mate with one another and have offspring that reproduce?
  21. The evolutionary explosion of new species from a common ancestor
    adaptive radiation
  22. A ____ indicates that
    evolution is occurring.
    change in gene frequency
  23. In a population, some individuals are chosen as mates more
    frequently than others. This statement represents
    sexual selection
  24. A new highway is built in an area. Half of a population of a
    certain species of animal is on one side of the highway and half on the other
    side. The animals are unable to cross the highway. The highway creates an
    example of
    geographic isolation
  25. Various species of lightning bugs have their own characteristic
    patterns of light flashes. Females flash an answering code to the males' code,
    and mating follows the recognition. This is an example of a genetic isolating
    mechanism called
    behavioral isolation
  26. Many cave-dwelling animals, although unrelated, possess poor
    eyesight and little skin pigment. This is an example of
    convergent evolution
  27. If the embryos of a mating do not develop properly and die, thus
    preventing the offspring of two different species from continuing to reproduce,
    they are an example of
    hybrid inviability
  28. Geographic isolation prevents
  29. Some species of plants cannot interbreed by pollinating each
    other because the sexual structures of the one species ripen and mature at a
    different time from the other. This genetic isolating mechanism is
    seasonal isolation
  30. Which of the following would be necessary for evolution to take
    genetic diversity within populations
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