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  1. Supreme Allied Commander / First commander of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
    D. Eisenhower
  2. General, military commander of Manhattan Project
    L. Groves
  3. General, commanded land forces in Pacific WWII / American Military Governor of Japan
    D. MacArthur
  4. Chief scientist, Manhattan Project
    J.R. Oppenheimer
  5. "Mr.X" - Developed theory of containment
    G. Kennan
  6. General, commanded naval forces in Pacific WWII
    C. Nimitz
  7. Origins of the Cold War (American POV)
    Civil War in Greece, Unrest in Turkey
  8. 1944 - decision that US round ups are constitutional due to security threats
    Korematsu V. US
  9. Battle of Normandy, D-Day
    Operation Overlord
  10. Reason Truman decided to drop atomic bomb
    To save American lives
  11. The Marshall Plan - US response to help Europe's economy and fight communism
    European Recovery Act
  12. Largest land battle in Pacific WWII - Operation Iceberg
    Battle of Okinawa
  13. How US responded to Sputnik I
    Explorer I (US Satellite)
  14. Victory over Fascism, Victory over Racism
    Double V Campaign
  15. US/Mexico agreement to provide labor in US
    Bracero Program
  16. GI Bill
    Servicemen's Readjustment Act
  17. America's biggest land WWII battle
    Battle of the Bulge
  18. America's first peace-time draft
    Burke-Wadsworth Act
  19. Made containment theory become American Foreign Policy
  20. Created DoD, US Air Force, and CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
    National Security Act
  21. General, Operation Anvil
    A. Patch
  22. American Military Governor of Germany
    L. Clay
  23. Wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls
    E. Hemingway
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