Day 6

  1. What are the 4 possible Conditional Format results?
    • Hidden
    • Formatting
    • Replaced by static Text
    • Replaced by symbol
  2. What viewing modes is Quick Switch active in?
    • Interactive, Editable, and Flash.
    • It also is only active when viewing through Web, not desktop
    • It also is not available if Grid/Graph combined view is selected.
  3. How are Calculated Expressions different from Derived Metrics?
    • Calc Exp can use metrics from multiple datasets
    • Defined them using Text boxes, not a wizard.
    • Can't be saved, only copy and pasted somewhere else.
    • They don't require OLAP services.
  4. What are the 5 steps in Document Design methodology?
    • Formulate a vision of the document
    • Identify the datasets and data sources
    • Create a framework and outline
    • Use the Document Editor to add content
    • Perform precise positioning and formatting
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Day 6