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  1. word equation for photosynthesis?
    carbon dioxide + water ---(energy from the sun through chlorophyll)------> oxygen + plant sugars (carbs)
  2. Word equation for cellular respiration
    oxygen + plant carbs (food) ------(mitochrondria, lysosomes, vacuoles)-----> carbon dioxide + water + energy
  3. autotrophs?
    • a group of organisms that can use the energy in sunlight to convert water and carbon dioxide into GLUCOSE (fooD)
    • autotrophs are also called producers because they produce all of the food that heterotrophs use
    • without autrotrophs there would be no life on this planet
    • eg. platna nd algi
  4. Heterotrophs
    • organisms that do not make their own food
    • another term for heterotrophs are consumers because they consume other organisms in order to live
    • plant --> consumer ==> higher order consumer
    • eg. humans, rabbits, mushrooms (NOT PLANTS are a fungi)
  5. How are photosynthesis and cellular respiration related?
    • plants take in CO2 that animals give out
    • animals take in gases athat plants give out
    • plants are food for animals
  6. prokaryotic cells?
    • have little defined internal structure and in particular lack a clearly defined structure to house their DNA. organisms taht are made of prokaryotic cells are prokaryotes and include all bacteria and all archeans - another group of microbes.
    • functio by using DNA in mass that tells the organs what to do
  7. eukaryotic cells?
    have much more complex structures than prokaryotic cells. all E cells contain many diffferent kidnsn of membrane bound structures called organeslls suspended in the cytoplasm. These organelles include nucleus with a clearly defined membrane calle d a nuclear membrane/envelope. DNA of a E cell is located in nucleus. organisms that are made of e cells are eukaryotes and include all animals, plants, fungi and protists athe single celled organisms. although a nucleus is usually vivisble with a light microscope, many organelles are visible only with electron microscopes.
  8. tissue?
    group of similar cells carrying out the same function
  9. organ
    group of different tissues working together for a particular function
  10. organ system
    group of organs serving a particular function
  11. organism
    contain several systems in order to survive/
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