physical agents final

  1. Traction is indicated in a poc for max elongation of posterior soft tissues and jt structures of the cervical spine. what is the angle of the cervical head piece?
    25-35 degrees flexion
  2. traction is indicated in a poc for discal issue the most appropriate angle of the cervical halter?
    neutral or extension
  3. you are gait training someone using a heel switch with functional electrical stimuation (FES) unit. as the pt. is in the heel strike part of gait the heel switch will?
    decrease the muscular contraction of the ant. tib
  4. HVPC is being used to help progress the healing of a wound. the electrode is placed either in the bandage or on either side of wound dressing
  5. the poc indicates FES for pt.'s right ant. tib. pt. reports falling last night while ambulating in the community and presents with multiple scrapes on prox post tib. reports no pain and scrapes are minor- the most common action would be?
    continue with FES treatment
  6. you are issuing a TENS unit for home use. what statements are true about electrode use?
    • place on only clean and dry skin
    • inspect before every use and ensure enough gel
  7. to achieve jt. distraction during mechanical traction the force must be ________ for lumbar & _____________ for cervical
    50%; 7%
  8. you treat a pt. 3X with lumbar traction. They arrive today in sustained flexion posture due to picking up small child this morning. Correct action would be?
    notify PT
  9. Estim is indicated in pOC for pain control. what might you use to achieve this?
    • burst or convential tens
    • IFC
  10. what is the most appropriate position for pt. with lumbar discal issue during traction?
  11. what type of tens is this? 100 pulses per second, 70 microseconds, 20 milliamps for 25 minutes
    convential tens
  12. microcurrent is most commonly used for?
    • wound healing
    • pain control
  13. you are using cervical traction on a patinet and they being to report increased RUE numbness within ulnar distribution- most appropriate action is?
    take them off traction
  14. the dexa should be placed on ________ electrode
    negatively charged pad
  15. PT would like you to issue a pt. a form of positional traction to their lumbar spine HEP- which is indicated?
    sidelying with pillow folded near ribcage above iliac crest
  16. traction is indicated for lumbar stenosis. the most appropriate postion for the pt is?
    supine with knee flexion
  17. what is the max lbs of pull for pt. weighing 120 lbs?
    60 lbs
  18. is it absolute contraindication to apply estim near malignant tumor?
  19. what is not a main indication for HVPC
    reduction of spasticity
  20. after 5 minutes the pt. can no longer feel the elctricity from the IFC. what do you do?
    check pt's skin and increase intensity b/c pt. has accomidated
  21. who would be more apppropriate for FES?
    stroke pt. with foot drop
  22. your pt. has ionto checked on the poc but you also notice they have pacemaker, what do you do?
    notify PT
  23. what type of sensation would a pt. feel from the electrodes using TENS?
    tingling sensation
  24. the overload princiople is important in strengthening with estim bc the greater the load on a muscle the higher the force of contaction will increase strength
  25. primary reason to decrease intensity when trying to strengthen with estim is?
    pt. tolerance and fatigue
  26. convential tens is also known as?
    high rate short duration tens
  27. what is acupuncture like tens used for?
    stimulates endogenous opiod production thru brief twitches  via repetive stimulation of motor nerves
  28. Burst mode TENS is used for?
    endorphin release and is more comfy that acupuncture
  29. direct current is?
    continuous unidirectional flow of charged particles
  30. Alternating current is a continuous bidirectional flow of charged particles that is used for muscle retraining and spasticity control
  31. Which of the following is NOT true of the reflexive effects of massage?
    reflexive effects are included in mechanical effects
  32. which of the following is not an indication for massage?
  33. which of the following is not an example of tapotement or percussion?
  34. massage therapy, specifically vibration is indication on a pOC. the patient you are treating is MOST likely to present with?
    postural drainage
  35. when beginning a massage therapy tx session on apt you should begin with?
  36. a poc indication cross friction massage for achilles tendonsis before beginning you the pt they may experience?
    quick repetive movement with your fingertips or knuckles
  37. when beginning and ending a full manual lymphatic drainage treatment you should begin treatment at?
    site of obstructin
  38. a myofacial release thecnique that is indicated to increase the arom of the right gh jt.  would be?
    arm pull and cross hand release
  39. when utilizing the myofacial release technique of leg pull, he pta should
    act as a facilitator for the patients movements to the soft tissue barrier
  40. when performing manual lymphatic drainage the stroke should be?
    towards the heart
  41. you are utilizing russian estim for a pt sp knee reconstruction to increase vmo activity. after 8 reps the patient reports they are very tired and you see their muscle contraction is decreasing. your most appropriate action is?
    increase the off time
  42. lymph fluid contains large amounts of 
    white blood cells
  43. you are ulitzing russian estim for pt. s/p left ACL reconstruction to increase VMO activity with SLR. of the choices below, which one should be performed first to ensure the intergirty of the patients graft?
    ensure there is no extensor lag 
  44. untreated osteomyelitis is a/an ________ for negative pressure wound
  45. you are treating a hearing impaired pt. and utilizing biofeedback for a lumbar stab program. which of the following would not be the best choice to achieve this?
    auditory feedback
  46. a pt. comes in to department with c/o increased pain with walking, some increased edema but not significant. just 2 days ago you had massaged his right gastroc. you run a wells DVT test and it comes back likely, do you contiue with massage for his treatment?
    no, you contact the pt or doctor to see how to proceed
  47. when utilizing a blood pressure cuff for pt. completeing a lumbar stab program, what type of neuro re-ed is this?
  48. when utilizing biofeedback to enhabce muscle activation of the quadriceps for patients s/p right ACL reconstruction, you would set a goal of?
    low sensitivity 
  49. when utilizing biofeedback to decrease a pt.s right upper trap muscle activation during your ther-ex reconstruction you would set a goal of?
    high sensitivity 
  50. you are seeing a pt after lunch that went to the doctor this morning for an injection. during team conferences at 8 the PT discussed with you giving the pt. a massage today. is the a concern because it is a precaution or contra?
  51. you are working in a rural hospital with limited access to a prosthetist in the next few weeks. the patient is going to be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. what are you going to talk to you pt. about prior to DC? the pt. is modified 1 with transfers, has HEP, has all equipment needs met. And is set up to come in as an outpatient early next week. 
    residual limb wrapping/compression
  52. impaired sen/men is a contra for estim?
  53. which of the following is not a cause of edema?
    increase in physical activity 
  54. a pt. presents with right UE and L trunk edema x16 weeks duration and is s/p bilateral mastectomy 6 months prior after dx of breast CA. this patient is exhibiting signs of 
    secondary lymphedema 
  55. which of the following is a risk factor for lymphedema
    hx of ca, hx of radiation, hx of traumatic MVA with lymph node damage/obstruction
  56. a pt. presenting with whcih of the below dx would NOT be an optimal canidate for compression therapy?
    end stage renal failure 
  57. a pt. is 3 weeks s/p a burn injury and needs pt. edu. on wearing their compression garment. the pt. should wear the garment with _________ for control of scar tissue formation?
  58. a pt. is s/p 1 day right TKA need pt. education on wearing their compression garment. the patient should wear a garment with ______ for prevention of DVT
    16-18 mmHg
  59. you see a pt. in the outpatient department s/p 8 weeks right TKA needs patient education on wearing their compression garment issued by the PT. the patient should wear a garment with _____ for edema control
    30-40 mmHg 
  60. full body immersion hydrotherapy is indicated for wound care. which piece of equip. would be most appropriate to achieve this
    hubbard tank
  61. which of the following is not a cardiovascular effect of hydrotherapy?
    increase systolic pressure
  62. when utilizing hydrotherapy for chronic RA, the most correct temperatre range would be?
    104-100 degrees f
  63. the optimal water temp. for a pt. s/p TKAx3 day ago to aid in decreasing inflammation is?
    32-79 degrees
  64. you are doing a clinical rotation in a specialized burn unit where hydrotherapy is indicated in the poc. The optimal water temperature for burn patients is?
    96-98 degrees f
  65. you are treatoing a preggo referred to pT by her obstrician and the PT has chosen to utilize hydrotherapy to aid in her pain control and ability to exercise with decreased pain. The choice is related to?
  66. a POC indicated immersion hydrotherapy for a patients elbow burn. th most appropriate equip. chice is?
    extremity tank
  67. you are in a therapeutic pool with a pt. that is feeling slightly lightheaded during tx session, she admits she didn not eat before taking insulin, your best response is?
    end session, monitor pt. 
  68. a pt. with OA tell you they "love water" and they feel lighter and can mov more easier and with less pain. this patients statement can be related to waters?
  69. which of the following methods of diathermy would be most appropriate for bone healing?
    non- thermal 
  70. Laser is indicated physical agent for which of the following conditions?
    diabetic peripheral neuropathy, lymphadema, ostoarthritis
  71. a POC indicated diathermy for a pt.'s right to increase soft tissue extensibilty. the supervising PT would like you to place a drum form diathermy at the area, but the pt. tells you he had 4 metal pins inserted in his tibia. your most appropriate action is?
    not to apply diathermy as it is a conta
  72. which UV penetrates the deepest?
  73. you've completed the dose response assessment in preparation of UV treatment. the correct documentation for a dose that prduced erythema within 8 hours disappears after 24 hrs is?
    minimal erythermal dosage
  74. which of the following is NOT a thermal effect of US?
    decreased collagen extensibilty
  75. which of the following is NOT an effect of cryotherapy?
    increased metabolic rate
  76. a pt. is 5 days s/p R ankle sprain. the pt. may exhibit signs of what stage of healing?
    inflammation and proliferation
  77. cryotherapy would not be indicated for which of the following pt.'s?
    65 y/o with L LE edema due to PVD
  78. you are treating a pt. for L shoulder pain that does not vary with movement. you begin to think this pain is from his?
  79. your instruction for cryotherapy at home for pt. who presents with clonus that impedes their ability to perfrom therapetic exercise would be?
    ice for > 30 minutes before exercising to maximize function
  80. in preparing a pt. for cryo you correctly identify the sequence of likely sensations which are?
    intense cold, aching, analgesia and numbness
  81. US is indicated for soft tissue shortening on a POC for a diagnosis of achilles tndonitis. which of the parameters below would be indicated for the pt.?
    3MHz@.8/cm2@100% duty cycle for 8 min 
  82. a beta fibers transmit sensation related to?
  83. applying an ice cup massage you shold?
    make small overlapping cicles
  84. you are treating a stage III wound with granulation tissue that has excessive would exudate. to promote healing this wound would benefit most from??
    wound vac (negative pressure therapy)
  85. which of the following are true of a keloid scar?
    collagen production exceeds collagen lysis, it may damage healty tissue, it occurs during the maturation phase
  86. a topical agent applied to necrotic tissue on a wound bed to promote healing and help soften necrotic tissue is an example of?
    enzymatic debridement 
  87. identify the s/s of inflammation
    heat, redness, swelling, pain and loss of function
  88. A closed scar that is red or pinkish in color may be exhibiting signs of?
    healing, inflammation, infection 
  89. a pt. status post R TKA 2 wks ago wants to know of often to apply an ice pack at home after exercising. A general recomendation to decrease edema would be?
    ice <15 minutes no more than once an hour with leg elevated if possible 
  90. the following tissue is not well vascularized
  91. pain described as dull, heavy and aching is most likely of what origin?
  92. you are treating a pt. with plantar fascitis whose plan of care calls for cryo. you inspect the pt. foot and you find a small open puncture wound the pt. states occurred yesterday. the best response is to:
    notify the pt 
  93. which of the following in the appropriate level of tissue destruction in a pressure uler that reaches to muscle and bone
    stages IV
  94. pain descibed as sharp, tingling, and well localized is most likly of what orgin?
  95. to achieve full wrist/hand heating by conduction, the most appropriate theraml agent would be?
  96. a pt. descibes his pain as achy and full lasting >3 months. This is likely due to transmission from 
    c fibers
  97. your pt. tells you he was admitted over the weekend for thrombophlebitis to RLE, he is stable, you have been applying moist heat pacl to RLE for pain and stretching. would you cinsider heate to his extremitity a precaution or conta?
  98. a PTA prepares to use phonophoresis as a component of a pt. POC but is concerned about the potentioal of the US to exacerbate the pts current inflammation. the MOST effective method to adress the PTA's concern is 
    incorporate a pulsed 20% duty cycle 
  99. which of the following has the lowest speciic heat as measure J/g/C?
  100. you position a pt. prone and apply a hot pack to their low back. this is an example fo what type of heat transfer?
  101. which of the following statements is true?
    US with lower freq. has deeper penetration
  102. A pt. you've been applying a lumbar hot pack to tells you she is 20 weeks pregnant. you know that pregnancy is a ?
    precaution with thermotherapy 
  103. Which of the following is not a metaboic effect of heat?
    decreased destruction of articular cartilage in some pt. with RA
  104. to ensure pt. comfort during US Tx, the beam nonuniformitity ration BNR should be?
  105. US is indicated on a POC for bilateral lumbar paraspinals for a pt. with LBP. upon your questioning the pt. reports they are a status post a L4 laminectomy 6 wks. you that us is__________ for this pt.
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