Types of cells

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  1. What are Prokaryota?
    • cells with no nucleus.
    • Are single cellular
    • DNA and cytoplasm are used to function
    • No organelles
  2. What are Eukaryote
    • can be unicellular or multicellular
  3. Fungi?
    • are multicelular eukaryotic cells
    • are heterotrophs
    • eg yeast, mushrooms, moulds
  4. Plants?
    • are multicellular eukaryotic cells
    • autotrophs
    • photosynthesise
  5. Animals?
    • multicellular eukaryotic cells
    • heterotrophs
    • cells - tissue - organs - systems
  6. Differences between animal and plant cells?
    • plant cells have larger vacuoles to store more water, stand rigid, use for photosynthesis, store food from photosynthesis
    • plant cells have a cell wall to help keep its shape, protect it, give it its rigit structure, substitute for skeletal system, help grow upright and contain cellulose which is food for herbivorous animals
    • plant cells have chloroplasts which contain green substance called chlorophyll for photosynthesis
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