Test 6 part 1

  1. how have sex cells managed the problem of increased motility and increased nutrients?
    • sperm have flagella
    • eggs have increased in size
  2. distinguish between primary and secondary sex organs.
    testis and ovary and the primary sex organs
  3. why do the testes lie outside of the body?
    sperm development requires cooler temp
  4. what are the fucntions of the spermatic cord?
    • carries nerve and artery to testis, carries sperm to the urethra
    • contracts to pull testis closer to body
    • has a system of vessels that cools the blood going to the testes
  5. what is the inguinal canal? 
    passage for the descent of the testis 
  6. what is the blood-testis barrier? 
    a physical barrier made by the sustentacular cells to prevent exposure of the person to the immune system 
  7. what is the function of the epididymis? 
    stores sperm 
  8. what is the ejaculatory duct? 
    joining of the vas deferns and seminal vesicle duct that opens into the urethra 
  9. what is the function of proseminogelin? 
    a protein from the seminal vesicles activated by prostatis secretions that causes retention of the sperm in the vagina 
  10. when do sperm become active? 
    after release from the seminogelin 
  11. what is the effect of prostaglandins on the uterus? 
    causes contractions 
  12. what do bulbourethral gland secretions do?
    neutralizes pH in the urethra
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Test 6 part 1