Test 5 part 2

  1. gastrin is inhibited by ______.
    low pH
  2. which cells do these come from? 
    gastric acid, intrinsic factor, pepsin, gastrin, histamine, mucus, new cells for stomach lining
    • gastric - parietal
    • intrinsic- parietal 
    • pepsin- chief G
    • gastrin- enteroendocrine
    • histamine- enterocedorine
  3. how does the duodenum handle stomach contents?
    • 1) controls delivery- only 3 cc at a time
    • 2) produces secretin which causes bicarbonate to enter the duodenum from the liver and pancreas
    • 3) produces CCK which causes the release of bile to emulsify fats
  4. what does CCK do?
    • 1) contracts gall bladder
    • 2) stimulates pancreatic secretion 
    • 3) relaxes sphincter of Oddi
  5. what is bile?
    • minerals
    • bile pigments
    • cholesterol
    • bile acids
    • phospholipids- the last two aid in digestion
  6. what is the enteropheatic circulation?
    • absorption of bile acids in the distal ileum
    • return to the liver
    • re-secreted into the intestine
  7. which enzymes digest proteins?
    • pepsin
    • trypsin
    • chymotryspin
    • carboxypeptidase
  8. what are the exocrine functions of the pancreas?
    • digests carbs
    • proteins
    • fats
    • nucleic acids
  9. primary function of the jejumum is _______
    most food absorption occurs here
  10. function of the ileum are ______.
    • small amount of food absorption
    • absorption of bile acids and vitamin B12-intrinsic factor complex
  11. what separates small and large intestine?
    ileocecal valve
  12. what two muscular movements occur in the intestine?
    • sentimental contraction to mix food
    • peristalsis to move food along
  13. what are brush border enzymes and what to they do?
    enzymes in the cell membrane of the intestinal absorptive cells that produce the final breakdown of proteins to amino acids and carbohydrates to monosacchardies
  14. how much food is absorbed in the large intestine?
    • no food
    • only water
    • minerals 
    • vitamins
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