Surface Final Cards

  1. What does REA stand for?
    Reactor Electrical Assistant
  2. What does RPM stand for?
    Reactor Plant Manual
  3. What fuel do we use for the EDG?
  4. Who is the father of nuclear power?
    Admiral Rickover
  5. Where are the reboilers located?
    1A & 4B
  6. First nuclear powered surface ship?
    USS Long Beach
  7. Name the 3 RX watch stations in DCC?
  8. What does DIW stand for?
    Dead in the water
  9. What does CSC stand for?
    Catapult Supervisory Control
  10. How many distilling units do we have?
    4, 2 in each MMR
  11. What is the REA responsible for?
    Electrical distribution and electronic equipment in the propulsion plant
  12. 1st Nuclear Powered Carrier?
  13. What does PPDT/PPTT stand for?
    Propulsion Plant Drill (Training) Team
  14. Name 3 reboiler loads
    Laundry, galley, scullery, hot water heaters, pre-heaters
  15. 2 Watchstations in EOS
  16. What does SSTG stand for?
    Ships Service Turbine Generator
  17. What does CRW stand for?
    Chief Reactor Watch
  18. What does RAM stand for?
    Radioactive Material
  19. How many HPACs do we have?
  20. 3 divisions in RX?
    RA, RC, RE, RM, RP, PL, RT, RXDC
  21. Name 2 Main steam loads?
    ME, SSTG, CTGs, Catapults, Reboiler, MFP, MCWP, TDFP
  22. What does CRA stand for?
    Chem Radcon Assistant
  23. What does SPM stand for?
    Steam Plant Manual
  24. What do we call water that flows through the RX?
    Primary Coolant
  25. First Nuclear powered vessel?
    USS Nautilus
  26. What does PPWO stand for?
    Propulsion Plant Watch Officer
  27. What does TLD stand for?
    Thermo Luminescent Dosimeter
  28. How many D/Us?
  29. Where are the D/Us located?
  30. What does RMA stand for?
    Reactor Mechanical Assistant
  31. How many M/Es do we have?
  32. What is the CRA responsible for?
    Anything chemistry and radiological controls
  33. What does EDG stand for?
    Emergency Diesel Generator
  34. What does X-connect mean?
    1 Plant providing steam for both plants
  35. Purpose of the electrical distribution system?
    Provide power to the ship
  36. What does MTT stand for?
    Mobile Training Team
  37. What does the RX is critical mean?
    Reactor is stable
  38. How many pot water pumps?
  39. Who Operates the RX?
  40. What is the RMA responisble for?
    Mech. Equip in RxR
  41. ELT stand for?
    Engineering Laboratory Technician
  42. Normal EP lineup at sea?
    Normal 4 SSTG L/U
  43. Who is the Reactor Officer
    LCDR Kellum
  44. What does MPA stand for?
    Main propulsion assistant
  45. Fuel source for RX?
    Enrich Uranium 235
  46. ORSE stand for?
    Operational Reactor Safeguards Examination
  47. What's required to enter the propulsion plant?
  48. How many reactors?
  49. What does EOOW stand for?
    Engineering Officer of the watch
  50. What does RMO stand for?
    Reactor Maintenance Officer
  51. What kind of reactors do we have?
    Pressurized water reactor
  52. What does RTA stand for?
    Reactor Training Assistant
  53. Power rating for EDG?
  54. 2 Watches in RAR?
  55. What does SRO stand for?
    Shutdown reactor operator
  56. Where are the pot water pumps?
    MMR (2 Each)
  57. How many shafts?
  58. What special training does ELT have?
    Chemistry and Radcon
  59. Purpose of reduction gear?
    Reduce shaft power to prevent breaking shaft
  60. Power rating for SSTG?
  61. Where are the CTG's located?
  62. Frequency of electrical distribution system?
    60 Hz
  63. Where are EDGs located?
    Aft and Forward EDG space
  64. First Nuclear Destroyer
    USS Bainbridge
  65. How many potable water tanks?
  66. What does Split Plant Mean?
    RXS operating independently
  67. What does CVIC stand for?
    Carrier Intelligence Center
  68. What is the frequency range of SHF, and what is it used for?
    3-30GHZ, email, pots lines, and internet
  69. What is an LCC?
    Amphibious Command Ship
  70. What is the purpose of the ships Gyros pertaining to Weapons Systems?
    Provides Pitch, Roll and Heading for Ordnance on target (Warheads on Foreheads)
  71. What are the missions of CDC?
    Provide the bridge with the current tactical picture, decipher and disseminate pertinent mission data
  72. Name three security classifications
    Secret, Top Secret, Confidential, Unclassified
  73. What does ASTAC stand for?
    Antisubmarine tactical air controller
  74. What is the range of the SPS-48?
    220 NM
  75. What is the Max Rate of fire for CIWS?
    4500 Per Min
  76. What is the frequency range of EHF?
  77. What is our primary fire control radar?
  78. What does NSSMS stand for and how many do we have on board?
    Nato Sea Sparrow Missile Ssytem, 2
  79. What is the pitsword?
    It gives the ships speed through the water
  80. What is the purpose of AMID?
    Support the embarked Air Wing
  81. What type of anchors do we have?
    Mark 2 Navy Stocklace
  82. How much does each anchor weigh?
    60,000 LBS
  83. One shot of anchor chain is howm many feet long?
    90FT/15 Fathoms
  84. How much does one detachable link weigh?
    365 LBS
  85. What color is the caution shot?
  86. What color is the danger shot?
  87. What flag will a USNS place at the dip when they are making preps for us to come alongside?
  88. Who is in charge of the UNREP team and supervises the rigger?
    Rig Captain
  89. What color hat does the rig captain wears?
  90. What color hat does the winch operator wear?
  91. Who wears a green hard hat?
  92. What color hat does the rigger wear?
  93. What is the function of the P&D line?
    Communication between the CO's and markds the distance between ships
  94. What is the Winch Operators job during UNREP?
    Operates inhaul, out haul, messanger and span wire wrenches
  95. During UNREP what does 6 short whistle blast indicate?
    Emergency breakaway
  96. What does the acronym MOBI stand for?
    Man Overboard Indicator
  97. How many whistle blasts indicate a man overboard?
  98. What is the preferred method of man overboard recovery?
  99. Name 2 boat crew personnel during MOB?
    Boat Officer, Boat Engineer, SAR Corpsman, Cowswain
  100. What is the purpose of the B&A crane?
    Used to move boats, aircrafts and cargo
  101. What is the safe working load of the B&A Crane and where is it located?
    50,000 LBS/ Located STBD side of the flight deck
  102. What is the dayshape for anchored?
    Single Black Ball
  103. What does the flag foxtrot mean?
    flight ops/fixed wing/jet
  104. What flad is used for divers?
    Alpha or code Alpha
  105. What flag do we fly during helo operations?
  106. What does the acronymn SOPA mean?
    Senior Officer Present Afloat
  107. What is the first substitute used for?
    Admiral ashore
  108. What is a piece of rope made of fiber or synthetic fibers called?
  109. What is a rope made of metal?
  110. What is a monkey fist?
    a weighted ball of a heaving line (heaving ball)
  111. How many mooring lines do we have?
    12 and 2 storm
  112. Where is the pivot point on the ship?
    1/3 length; FR90
  113. What does GPS stand for?
    Global Positioning System
  114. What is a stadimeter used for?
    Gives a distance to an object
  115. Where is AUX Conn?
    09 level/in pilot house
  116. Where is Secondary Conn?
    Inside DC Central/4th Deck
  117. Who is in charge of the pilot house in the absence of the CO?
  118. Which enlisted watchstation/person is responsible for the safe navigation of the ship?
  119. Which enlisted watchstation/person is responsible for passing all words, ringing bells, and is in charge of the lookouts?
  120. On the bridge, what is the Conning Officers Job?
    Drives the ship, orders to helm/lee helm
  121. What publication is the Ships Store Afloat?
    NAVSUP P-487
  122. What publication governs Food Service?
    NAVSUP P-486
  123. What publication governs the Afloat Supply?
    NAVSUP P-485
  124. What option through Navy cash is available so you don't have to physically transfer money?
    Split Pay Option
  125. Define BDFA?
    The amount of money to feed one person
  126. What does the acronym OSI stand for
    Operating Space Item
  127. What does the acronym DLR?
    Depot Level Repairable
  128. What does the acronym MAM?
    Maintanence Assist Modules
  129. Define gray water
    Discharge from sinks, laundry, scullery
  130. Name some types of HW?
    Trash, Plastic, Garbage, Oily Waste, Waste Oil, Paint/Mineral Spirits, Sewage
  131. Name 1 part to the NSN?
    FSC (Federal Supply Classification) or NIIN
  132. What Division is S-3?
    Retail/Sales/Ship Store
  133. Who is the Supply Officer responsible to?
  134. What rates is PA responsible for?
  135. What rates are PAS responsible for?
    CS and SH
  136. Name 1 type of OPTAR?
    Consumables, Repairables
  137. Define HM?
    Solids, liquids or gases that can harm people, property, or the environment
  138. What is one of the four factors that determines if a substance is hazardous?
    Ignitability/Flammability, Reactivity, Corroded, Toxicty
  139. What instructions governs the NAVOSH Program?
    OPNAVINST 5100.19E
  140. Name 2 watch stations in DCC
  141. What is liquid nitrogen used for?
    Medical-freezing warts, shrink metal
  142. What is the purpose of liquid oxygen?
    Pilot's air
  143. What is the purpose of the EDVR?
    It is a summary of the present and future manning status
  144. When was the attack of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii?
    7 DEC 1941
  145. What does ISIC stand for?
    Immediate Superior in Command
  146. What is the definition of terrorism?
    The calculated use of violence or threat of violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious or ideological.
  147. What are three terrorism motivational categories?
    Political, Religious, and Ideological
  148. When is FPCON Charlie set?
    When intelligence indicates and attack is being planned on installations or personnel.
  149. What is 6th Fleet's AOR?
    NAVAL Forces, Europe
  150. Define Defense in Depth
    The use of mutually supporting defense positions designed to absorb and progressively weaken attack, prevent initial observations of the whole position of the enemy and allow the commander to maneuver the reserve.
  151. What are the responsibilities of the CNO?
    The CNO is the senior military officer of the department of the Navy
  152. What does ISF stand for?
    In-Port Security Force
  153. What is the purpose of PPRs?
    The are general guidelines for handling incidents. They contain a list of expected notifications and actions.
  154. What does ATTWO stand for?
    Anti-Terrorism Tactical Watch Officer
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