PSY: Treatment of Psychological Disorders

  1. Basic features of treatment
    • clinet/ patient
    • therapist¬†
    • special relationship between the two
    • theory
    • set of procedures
  2. psychiatrists vs. psychologists
    Psychiatrists can prescribe medication; study psychiatric medicine in medical school

    psychologist: PhD or PsyD
  3. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
    people believed that ID vs. Ego vs. Superego

    aimed at understanding these unconscious conflicts and how they affect client
  4. Psychodynamic treatment
    • 1) free association (talking cure)
    • 2) dream analysis: tell therapist your dreams; manifest is the story of the dream/ the content; latent is the meaning of the dream
    • 3) Transference: client treats therapist as if the are someone relevant in their lives
  5. Behavior Therapy
    help clients see their probelm as learned behaviors that can be changed, without searching for hidden meanings of unconscious causes
  6. Behavioral Techniques
    1) Systematic Desensitization: use ahierarchy and take baby steps to get them over their fear or problem

    2) Modeling: watch and do

    3) Token Economy: positive reinforcement and reward system; used with behavior modificaiton (mostly for kids)

    4) Flooding: take what is feared and put in contact at overwhelming levels for client
  7. ECT
    originally used for Schizo, but the voltages were so high and the shock was so bad that people broke bones, bit their tongue off, etc. 

    Today, it is only used for severe depression
  8. Psychosurgery
    back then, they would remove brain tissue, assuming the problems you had were due to the lack of space--> this led to mental retardation and intellectual disabilities
  9. Psychoactiv drugs
    neuroleptics: treat schizo

    antidepressants: treat depression

    Lithium and Anticonvulsants: bipolar disorder

    Anxiolytics: treat anxiety
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