Sat vocab 16

  1. Bona Fide
    sincere, done or made in good faith, authentic; genuine
  2. Cataclysm
    a violent upheavel; and earthquake; a horrible flood
  3. Churl
    a rude person, a boor
  4. copious
    abundant; plentiful
  5. deploy
    to station soldiers or amaments strategically; to arrange strategically
  6. disaffect
    to cause to lose affection; to estrange to alienate
  7. ensue
    to follow immediatly afterward; to result
  8. fodder
    coarse food for livestock; raw material
  9. hubris
    arrogance; excessive pride
  10. impetuous
    rash; overimpulsice; headlong
  11. incendiary
    used for setting property on fire; tending to arouse passion or anger; inflammatory
  12. Inimical
    unfavorable; harmful; detrimental; hostile
  13. Placebo
    a fake medication; a fake medication used as a control in tests of the effectiveness of drugs
  14. quay
    a landing on the edge of the water; warf; pier
  15. triumvirate
    a ruling coalition of three officials; any group of three working jointly
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