voice and diction chapter 3 & 4

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  1. what determines voice quality:
    determined by the production of the original tone by the vocal folds. As the tone passes through the throat, mouth and nasal cavities its altered and modified, reinforced and enriched. The shape size and tension of these resonators determine what the listener hears
  2. questions about tension
    You can’t have too much tension but you need some tension
  3. first step in pleasant vocal quality
    General overall body relaxation is the first step in pleasant vocal quality
  4. Two conditions to building a satisfactory quality:
    • 1. your throat and mouth passageways must be relatively open, selectively relaxed and free of unnecessary tension.
    • 2. Your lips and the jaw and of course your tongue must be agile and flexible
  5. loudness:
    the power or intensity of the vocal tone; volume, projection; force
  6. loudness _____ as air pressure beneath the vocal folds ______
    loudness increases as air pressure beneath the vocal folds increases
  7. how does vocal abuse occur:
    excessive yelling or shouting
  8. ways to strengthen the voice:
    • articulation
    • proper pitch level 
    • maximum use of resonance
    • clear tone quality
    • conscious control of rate and articulation sufficient energy and animation
  9. be able to explain what you’re saying, where you’re saying it, & the size of your audience:
    relatively strong and forceful emotions and ideas are often more effective if relatively loud levels are used. Material that is of the opposite is frequently more effective if quiet levels are used. When a room has lots of people in it loudness has to be increased because the people absorb sound waves. The nearness of the audience is also important.
  10. what are the levels of loudness:
    very soft, soft to loud, very loud
  11. how does the psychological have anything to do with loudness:
    use the meaning behinds the words you are saying to vary your loudness
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voice and diction chapter 3 & 4
voice and diction chapter 3 & 4
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