Health Test 1

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  1. ligament
    a band of tough fibers that connect one bone to another
  2. How many muscles does the body have?
    More than 600
  3. external respiration
    the process of breathing
  4. the sunshine vitamin is
    vitamin D
  5. the sinuses are located in front of
    the skull
  6. where are cilia located
    in the air passages
  7. epiglottis
    the flap of cartilage that cover the wind pipe when swallowing
  8. another name for the voice box
  9. tendons
    fibers that connect skeletal muscles to bones
  10. muscles are made of
  11. muscle tone
    muscles pulling against each other
  12. Voluntary muscles
    Skeletal muscles that move when you want them to
  13. Cardiac muscle
    Another name for the heart muscle
  14. This muscles separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity
  15. Alveoli
    The tiny air sacs where bronchioles end
  16. What are the 2 branches of the trachea?
  17. Aerobic exercises
    These exercises help the lungs use more air with less work
  18. What is a habit
    Something that you do without thinking
  19. The shoulders and the hips are these type of joints
    ball and socket
  20. knees, elbows and fingers are these types of joints
  21. The spinal column is made up of
    33 vertebrae
  22. Where is the trapezius muscles located?
    the shoulder
  23. Where are the biceps muscles located?
    The top of the upper arms
  24. Where are the quadriceps muscles located?
    The front of the upper leg
  25. Where is the frontalis muscle located?
    the forehead
  26. Where is the masseter muscle located?
    cheek to chin or the jaw
  27. Where is the triceps muscle located?
    The bottom of the upper arm
  28. When lifting heavy objects, always remember to:
    • Lift with your legs
    • Keep your back straight and
    • Always bend your knees
  29. Why is exercise important?
    • Builds muscles
    • makes body flexible
    • rests the mind
    • improves circulation
  30. Where are the tarsal bones?
    in your feet
  31. Where is the scapula?
    The shoulder blades, where your wings would be
  32. Where are your metacarpals?
    in your hand, after the carpals, before the phalanges
  33. Where is your cranium?
    your head
  34. Where is the sternum?
    The breast bone, in the middle of the chest
  35. Where is your patella?
    your knee cap
  36. Where are your phalanges?
    your finger tips and the tips of your toes
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