JOUR final 4

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  1. Top on message commercials
    Snickers, Doritos
  2. Top off message commercials
    GIECO commercial and united health
  3. When and advertising agency sends an agent to talk about the campaign and the board ask "what's the take away" (what will the viewer tala away from seeing the ad)
    take away
  4. type of audience, type of media, take away, how long the campaign ad will last, marketing goals
    Creative strategy statement
  5. Became known by broadcasting in London during the Blitz (bombing for 57 days)
    Evandur Mur
  6. Hilter made good use of the radio
    to get the Germans to trust him
  7. Biggest acts were doing live shoes on the radio 3 times a week
  8. All black group from Memphis (only band where every member was college edu)
    Jimmy L. Orgestra
  9. What type of music you're going to play
  10. Music that mostly aimed at women
    Adult Contemporary
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