TOUR2001 - test one

  1. Tourism and leisure activites are:
    • Discretionary
    • Expeirencing growth
    • Drivers of economic growth
    • Associated with quality of life
    • Seen as basic right
    • Used to identify with particular social groups
  2. Tourist
    Overnight vistor to a place or region
  3. Vistor
    Tourist facility users from local region
  4. Consumer
    Person involved in purchasing/experiencing products
  5. Customer
    Consumer of commercially provided product
  6. User
    Consumer of public facilities (often in govn/public sectors)
  7. Client
    Recipient of professional services
  8. Participants
    person taking part in a given experience
  9. Stakeholders
    Vested interest in resource or phenomena
  10. Behaviour
    Mental processes and observable activities (the way people think and respond)
  11. Recreation
    What you schedule and plan to do in your leisure time
  12. Types of leisure
    • Serious - money and time commitment
    • Casual - occassional and low investment
  13. Commonalities between tourism and leisure
    • both perceived as voluntary
    • conducted during free time
    • focus on enjoyment/fulfillment
  14. Differentiating factor between tourism and leisure
    • TRAVEL
    • Leisure - conducted at home or in the individuals daily activity space (shorter duration/often repetitve)
    • Tourism - involves a break of routine, a trip beyond the boundaries of the individuals acitivity space into relatively unfamiliar surroundings (longer duration/unique)
  15. Tourist and Leisure behaviour affects:
    • Toruists/consumers
    • Decision makers - planners, marketers, business/entreprenuers
    • Media - local communities
    • Governments (tourist $)
    • Tourism analysists and researchers
  16. What to look at: Consumer Behaviour
    • Measuring immediate appeal of products
    • Choices of products and decision making
    • Satisfaction with products
  17. What to look at: Tourist Behaviour
    • Discovering what people want to do
    • Why they want to do it
    • Understanding tourists
    • Concerns with sustainability
    • Extended phases surrounding recreational experiences
  18. Five phases of recreational experiences
    • 1. anticipation - decision making process
    • 2. transit experience - public/private transport
    • 3. on-site experience - perception of experience, variabels affecting enjoyment
    • 4. return transit experience
    • 5. reflection - recollection of the experience
  19. Five components to the tourism industry
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