Med Term unit 4

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  1. oste/o
  2. disease of the bone
  3. inflammation of the bone
  4. osteomalacia
    softening of the bone
  5. ten/o, tendin/o, tendon/o
    tendon origin
  6. my/o
  7. cartilage
  8. etiology
    study of the cause of disease
  9. hyperparathyroidism
    disorder of parathyroid gland that can cause calcium to be withdrawn from the bones
  10. -pathy
    suffix meaning disease
  11. disease of bone
  12. osteopathic physician
    a doctor of osteopathy who receives special training about the skeleton and its relationship to disease
  13. osteoma
    bone tumor
  14. plural form of bone tumor
  15. osteoarthropathy
    disease involving bones and joints
  16. arthr/o
  17. bone and joint disease
  18. osteoporosis
    disease condition of the bone in which the deterioration of the bone matrix causing pores and weakness
  19. poros
    means passageway
  20. -penia
    suffix meaning low number or loss
  21. osteopenia
    loss of bone
  22. red blood cell loss
  23. bone cancer
  24. myel/o
    bone marrow or spinal cord
  25. myelodysplasia
    condition characterized by increased and abnormal bone marrow or spinal cord development
  26. dys-
    prefix for difficult or poor
  27. -plasia
    suffix for growth and development
  28. poil/o
    means gray and refers to gray matter of the brain
  29. poliomyelitis
    inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord cause by a viral infection
  30. disease of the brain and spinal cord
  31. inflammation of the bone and marrow is called
  32. defective formation of the spinal cord
  33. instrument used to look into a joint
  34. -scope
    instrument to look at something
  35. myeloblast
    bone marrow germ cell
  36. pertaining to myelocytes
  37. herniation of the spinal cord
  38. herniation of the spinal cord and the meninges
  39. hyperplasia
    increase in the number of cells in a tissue
  40. dys-
    means defective
  41. dysplasia
    defective formation
  42. arthrodysplasia
    defective formation of a joint
  43. myelodysplasia
    defective formation of the spinal cord
  44. defective bone development
  45. aplasia
    failure of an organ to develop
  46. overgrowth or too much development
  47. hypoplasia
    deficient development
  48. complete lack of development
  49. arthroscopy
    examining the joints by looking with and arthoscope
  50. arteri/o
  51. surgical repair of a joint
  52. plast
    form, mold, or rebuild
  53. -plasia
    refers to changes in number and form of cells
  54. aplasia
    lack of or decreased cell growth
  55. anaplasia
    abnormal growth of undifferentiated cells
  56. dysplasia
    production of abnormally formed cells or tissues
  57. hyperplasia
    abnormal increase in number of cells
  58. hypoplasia
    abnormal decrease in number of cells or tissues
  59. -tropy
    refers to change in size of cells and organs
  60. atrophy
    decrease in size of tissues, wasting
  61. hypertrophy
    increase in size of cells, tissue, organs
  62. hypotrophy
    progressive degeneration
  63. -genesis
    refers to original growth of cells and organs
  64. agenesis
    absence of original development
  65. hypergenesis
    repeated creation of body parts or organs (extra organs)
  66. hypogenesis
    congenital underdevelopment of organs
  67. arthritic
    means pertaining to a joint
  68. inflammation of a joint
  69. medication used to treat arthritis
    antiarthritic agent
  70. inflammation and destruction of bone and joint tissue
  71. rheumatoid arthritis
    affects the soft tissues of the joint often accompanied by fluid in the joints
  72. arthrotomy
    incision into a joint
  73. rheumatology
    medical specialty that studies diagnoses and treats rheumatic conditions
  74. rheum
    body fluids
  75. study or rheumatic disorders
  76. physician specialist that treats rheumatic conditions
  77. tendons
    made of connective tissue and attach muscle to bone
  78. ligaments
    attach bone to bone
  79. fascia
    attached muscle to muscle
  80. three terms that mean repair of tendons
    • tenoplasty
    • tendoplasty
    • tendinplasty
  81. three terms that mean tendon
    • ten/o
    • tend/o
    • tendin/o
  82. used to build words about inflammation of tendons
  83. inflimmation of a tendon
  84. used to build words about pain in a tendon
  85. two terms for tendon pain
    • tenalgia
    • tenodynia
  86. burs/o
    • refers to the bursae of the body
    • bursa is a small serous sac between a tendon and a bone
  87. inflammation of a bursa
  88. excision of bursa
  89. more than one bursa
  90. osteochondritis
    inflammation of the bone and cartilage
  91. pain in or around cartilage
    • chondralgia
    • chondrodynia
  92. repair of tendons
  93. pain in tendons
    • tenalgia
    • tenodynia
  94. excision of cartilage
  95. cost/o
  96. stern/o
  97. xiph/o
    xiphoid process
  98. chondrocostal
    pertaining to the ribs and cartilage
  99. excision of a rib or ribs
  100. meniscus
    crescent shaped cartilage structure in the knee
  101. inflammation of the meniscus
  102. excision of a torn meniscus
  103. pertaining to the ribs
  104. intercostal
    between the ribs
  105. inter-
    means between
  106. hypochondriac
    below the cartilage
  107. between cartilages
  108. word root for tooth
  109. interdental
    between the teeth
  110. dent/o
  111. teeth
  112. pertaining to the teeth
  113. toothache
  114. tooth shaped or resembling a tooth
  115. dentist
    doctor of dental surgery, takes care of teeth
  116. dentifrice
    used for cleaning teeth
  117. orth/o
    means straight
  118. odont/o
    means shaped like a tooth
  119. dentist who specializes in straightening abnormally positioned teeth
  120. peri-
    prefix meaning around or near
  121. periodontal disease
    diseased tissue around or near the teeth
  122. membrane around the bone
  123. membrane around cartilage
  124. membrane around the heart
  125. orthopedist
    physician who specializes in the prevention and treatment of muculoskeletal disorders
  126. orthotics
    the science that studies and develops mechanical appliances used as supportive devices
  127. orthotist
    specialist who designs and fits orthotics to people
  128. prosthetists
    work with patients in need of replacing an amputated limb
  129. condition of straightening or supporting
  130. devices used to stabilize or prevent deformity
  131. specialist in making artificial body parts
  132. pertaining to a prosthesis
  133. lumb/o
    used to build words about the lower back
  134. lumbar
    • the adj form
    • pertaining to the lower back
  135. thorac/o
    combining form for chest or thorax
  136. thoracolumbar
    pertaining to the chest and lower back or something near these areas
  137. supra-
    prefix that means on, higher in position, over or above
  138. hypo-
  139. epi-
  140. supra-
  141. supralumbar
    above the lumbar region
  142. supracostal
    above the ribs
  143. supracrainial
    surface of the head above the skull
  144. suprapubic
    means above the pubis
  145. suprapubicystotomy
    incision of bladder from the suprapubic region
  146. pelv/i
  147. plural of pelvis
  148. pelvimetry
    measure the pelvis size (diameter)
  149. pelvimeter
    device used for pelvimetry
  150. cephalopelvic disproportion
    when the head of the fetus is larger than the diameter of the mother's pelvis
  151. cytometer
    measures cells
  152. cephalometer
    measures the head
  153. thoracometer
    measures the chest
  154. cardiometer
    measures the heart
  155. ab-
    prefix meaning away from or from
  156. aberrant
    wandering from normal
  157. abduction
    means movement away from a midline
  158. when the arm is raised away from the side of the body an ______ has occured
  159. ad-
    prefix meaning toward
  160. movement toward a midline is _____
  161. addiction
    means being drawn toward some habit
  162. adhesion
    formed when two normally separate tissues join together
  163. adhering to another part forms an ______
  164. abdomin/o
    combining form for abdomen
  165. paracentesis
    insertion of a needle into a body cavity for the purpose of aspirating fluid
  166. abdominocentesis
    tapping or puncturing of the abdomen for the removal of fluid
  167. centesis
    surgical puncture
  168. amni/o
    refers to the amnion, protective sac that surrounds the fetus
  169. amniocentesis
    puncturing the amnion to remove cells for genetic testing
  170. surgical puncture into the heart chambers
  171. abdominocystic
    pertaining to the abdomen and urinary bladder
  172. urinary bladder
  173. cyst/o
    • urinary bladder
    • fluid filled sac
  174. incision into the urinary bladder
  175. excision of the urinary bladder
  176. examining by looking with an instrument into the urinary bladder
  177. surgical repair of the bladder
  178. when bladder wall weakens and froms a hernia into the vagina
  179. thorac/o
    used to form words about the thorax or chest
  180. pertaining to the chest
  181. plural form for thorax
  182. abdominothoracic
    pertaining to the abdomen and thorax
  183. thoracotomy
    incision into the chest
  184. surgical tapping of the chest to remove fluids
  185. any chest disease
  186. pertaining to the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae
    thoracolumbar vertebrae
  187. cholecyst/
  188. hydrocyst
    sac or bladder filled with watery fluid
  189. hydrocele
    accumulation of fluid in a saclike cavity
  190. cystocele
    urinary bladder herniation
  191. hydrocyst
    saclike structure with watery contents
  192. hydrocele
    collection of fluid in a herniated cavity
  193. hydrocephalus
    enlarged head due to increased amount of fluid in skull
  194. -phobia
    • fear
    • abnormal fear
  195. abnormal fear of water
  196. therapy
  197. treatment by water
  198. C1-C7
    cervical vetebrae 1-7
  199. CPD
    cephalopelvic disproportion
  200. CXR
    chest x-ray
  201. cysto
  202. DO
    doctor of oseopathy
  203. DTs
    delirium tremens
  204. FAS
    fetal alcohol syndrome
  205. Fx
  206. H2O
  207. IPV
    inactivated polio vaccine
  208. L1-L5
    lumbar vertebrae 1-5
  209. LLQ
    left lower quadrant (abdomen)
  210. LUQ
    left upper quadrant (abdomen)
  211. OA
  212. OMT
    osteopathic manipulative therapy
  213. ORTHO
  214. PPS
    post-polio syndrome
  215. PT
    physical therapy
  216. RA
    rheumatoid arthritis
  217. RLQ
    right lower quadrant
  218. RUQ
    right upper quadrant
  219. T1-T12
    thoracic vertebrae 1-12
  220. word root for move or lead
  221. adhesions
    tissues grown together that are normally seperate
  222. bursa
    serous sac between a tendon and bone
  223. chondrocostal
    pertaining to cartilage and rib
  224. dentoid
    resembling a tooth
  225. dysplasia
    poor or defective growth
  226. fascia
    tissue that connects muscle to muscle
  227. fracture
    break or crack
  228. hydrocyst
    fluid filled sac
  229. hydrophobia
    rabies, abnormal fear of water
  230. hyperplasia
    abnormally increased development referring to the quantity of cells
  231. kyphosis
    • hunch back
    • posterior thoracic curvature
  232. ligament
    tissue that connects bone to bone and supports visceral organs
  233. lumbar
    pertaining to the lower back, between the thorax and sacrum
  234. myelocytes
    bone marrow cells
  235. myelodysplasia
    defective development of the bone marrow or spinal cord
  236. orthodonics
    dental practice of straightening teeth
  237. orthodontist
    dentist specializing in straightening teeth
  238. orthopedist
    physician who specializes in treatment of skeletal and joint disorders
  239. orthotist
    specialist who develops and assists patients with othotics
  240. osteitis
    inflammation of bone
  241. osteoarthropathy
    disease of bone and joints
  242. osteomyelitis
    inflammation of the bone and bone marrow
  243. osteopathic
    pertaining to the practice of osteopathic physicians or bone disease
  244. osteopenia
    loss of bone
  245. osteoporosis
    porous condition of the bone due to deterioration of bone matrix
  246. pelvis
    the bony structure including the ilium, ischium, pubis, sacrum, and coccyx
  247. pericardium
    around the heart (membrane)
  248. perichondrium
    membrane around cartilage
  249. peridontal
    membrane around teeth
  250. periodontist
    dentist specializing in treatment of diseased tissue around the teeth
  251. periosteum
    membrane around bone
  252. poliomyelitis
    inflammation of gray matter of the spinal cord
  253. prosthesis
    artificial limb or other body part replacement
  254. rheumatology
    study of rheumatic disease
  255. tendinoplasty
    surgical repair of the tendon
  256. thoracometer
    instrument used to measure the chest
  257. thorax
    chest area of the back posterior to the chest
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