blood stasis breakers/penetrators

  1. TuBieCong, ShuiZHi, MangCong
    • insect; salty or bitter, cool, toxic; Lv
    • strong clot busting axn, may contain foreign proteins
    • severe stasis pattern in acute injury & trauma & abd masses/tumours
  2. ZiRanTong
    • mineral;acrid, neutral; Lv
    • moves blood, mends bone (from injury)
    • mostly for trauma & ext use
  3. SuMu
    • heartwood; sweet, salty, acrid, neutral; Hr, Lv
    • blood stasis in trauma & ms condition
    • Hr & abdominal pain due to blood stasis (torso trauma)
  4. GuSuiBu
    • Rhizome;bitter,warm;Lv, Ki
    • treat trauma blood stasis & tonify Lv,Ki to strengthen tendon & bones
    • treat lingering trauma compromised by def of Lv, Ki causing unhealed tendon & bone
  5. MaQianZi
    • seed;bitter, cold, very toxic; Lv, Sp
    • Never decoct
    • pain killer for severe blood stasis due to trauma as well as Bi pattern
    • overdose may cause cardiac arrest
  6. XueJie
    • Resin;sweet,salty,neutral;Hr,Lv
    • dispel stasis, stop bleeding, regen tissue, astringes ulcer
    • ext use mainly
  7. ErCha
    • Resin;bitter,astringent,cool; Hr,Lu
    • =Xuejie
  8. LiuJiNu
    • whole plant; bitter, warm; Hr,Lv,Sp
    • dispel stasis, reg ms, remove food stagn
    • irrelevant
  9. WoZhu(EZhu)
    • rhizome;acrid,bitter,warm;Lv,Sp
    • breaks stasis,reduce masses,moves qi, remove food retention
    • *masses & tumours w/ blood stasis patterns
  10. SanLeng
    • tuber;bitter,acrid,neutral;Lv,Sp
    • =wozhu; but focus on blood more while WoZhu focus on qi more
    • combo w/ WoZhu for tumours
  11. ChuanShanJia
    • animal scale; salty,cool; Lv, St
    • dispel stasis, red mass, unblock meridian, reg ms, moves breast milk, expel pus
    • *opens up blockage, especially physical stagn
    • endangered species
Card Set
blood stasis breakers/penetrators
herbs used for severe blood stasis, or prolonged blood stasis that results in formation of physical mass. Not used for def pt or pregnant