Ut Channel regulators

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  1. DanShen
    • root; bitter/cool; Lv
    • promote blood circ, dispel stasis, cool blood, reduce swelling, calm mind. treat all ms problem & blood stasis problem, esp w/ heat
    • Contra w/ LiLu, Warfarin, 
    • mostly use for ms issues
  2. Hong Hua (Chuan)
    • flower;acrid/warm; Hr, Lv
    • treat blood stasis pattern (gen blood stasis), vent rashes for skin disease (rare), skin disease w/ blood stasis pattern (pupura etc)
    • mostly for chest & ms blood stasis patterns
    • Zhang Hong Hua = stronger axn for blood stasis & cool blood
  3. TaoRen
    • ripe seed; bitter, sweet, netural, slight toxic(amygdalin); Hr, Lv, Li
    • blood stasis patterns, constipation, stop cough (rarely used), 
    • oils treat const
    • common for blood stasis pattern
  4. YiMuCao
    • aerial plant; bitter, acrid, cool; Hr, Lv, Bl
    • promote blood circ, reg ms, diuretic, detox heat
    • edema from ms or pregn
  5. ZeLan
    • aerial plant; bitter, acrid, slight warm; Lv,Sp
    • ~YiMuCao but stronger to promote blood
    • also use for ms problem w/ edema & urinary difficulties
  6. NiuXi
    • root; bitter, sweet, neutral; Lv, Ki
    • blood promoter, diuretic, tonify Lv & Ki to strengthen tendon & bone, redirect fire down, direct herb axn down
    • Huai= better tonify & strengthen bone & tendon
    • Chuan= better promote blood & dispel stasis
    • not used for xs fire pattern
  7. JiXueTeng
    • vine;bitter,sweet,warm;Lv
    • blood promoter, tonify blood, reg ms, relax tendon & unblock merdian for bi pattern
    • common for numb & paralysis of limb due to blood def
    • rare for ms disorders, big dose req;d
  8. WangBuLiuXing
    • seed; bitter,neutral; Lv,St
    • promote blood circ, dieuretic, reg ms, moves breast milk
    • mostly used to make ear pellets
  9. LingXiaoHua (ZiWei)
    • flower; acrid,cool; 
    • dispel stasis, cool blood, disperse wind (for skin disease)
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