Med Term Unit 3

  1. oncology
    study of abnormal growth, tumors, and cancer
  2. cytologists
    • study morphology or the structure of the cell
    • cell specialist
  3. morphology
    structure of cells
  4. histolysis
    destruction of tissue
  5. the study of tissue
  6. one who studies tissues
  7. an embryonic tissue cell
  8. a tissue cell
  9. resembling tissue
  10. morph/o
    means form, shape, or structure
  11. study of form or structure
  12. metamorphosis
    process of changing from one form into another
  13. -trophy
    development and growth
  14. -plasia
    development and growth
  15. -genesis
    development and growth
  16. hyper-
    prefix meaning above or more than normal
  17. hypertrophy
    overdevelopment, increase in size
  18. hyperplasia
    abnormal increase in the number of normal cells in normal arrangement in an organ or tissue
  19. hypergenesis
    excessive development or redundancy of the parts or organs of the body
  20. hypoercholesterolemia
    levels of high cholesterol in the blood
  21. hypertoxicity
    quality of being excessively toxic
  22. hyperkalemia
    excessive levels of potassium in the blood
  23. hyperactivity
    excessive or abnormal activity
  24. hyperlipidemia
    excessive concentrations of any or all lipids in the blood
  25. hyperproteinuria
    excessive concentrations of proteins being released by the kidneys into the urine
  26. hypo-
    prefix for below or less than normal
  27. hypocalcemia
    low levels of calcium in the blood
  28. hypodactylia
    condition of having fewer than five digits on a hand
  29. hyposensitive
    low or diminished sensitivity to stimulation
  30. hypothermia
    subnormal body temperature
  31. hypokalemia
    low levels of potassium in the blood
  32. hypothyroidism
    deficient activity of the thyroid gland
  33. hypodermic
    under the skin
  34. hypotrophy
    progressive degeneration
  35. hyperemesis
    excessive vomiting
  36. excessive vomiting
  37. hypertension
    high blood pressure
  38. hypotension
    lowered blood pressure
  39. normal blood pressure
    120/80 mmHg
  40. aden/o
    refers to glands
  41. adenitis
    inflammation of the glands
  42. adenectomy
    excision or removal of a gland
  43. tumorous
    full of tumors
  44. tumor
    abnormal growth of cells
  45. neoplasm
    • abnormal growth of cells
    • new growth
    • tumor
  46. -oma
    suffix for tumor
  47. adenoma
    tumor of a gland
  48. -pathy
    suffix meaning disease
  49. adenopathy
    disease of a gland
  50. lymph/o
    lymphatic tissue
  51. disease of the lymph gland
  52. adenitis
    when a gland has mild inflammation
  53. lipoma
    tumor containing fat
  54. lip/o
  55. benign
  56. lymphoma
    tumor composed of lymph tissue
  57. lesion
    may be one of many possible types of abnormal tissue conditons including macules, vesicles, papules, ulcers, abscesses, and tumors
  58. ulcers
    • type of lesion
    • open sores on the skin or mucous membranes
  59. tumor
    abnormal growth of cells
  60. carcin/o
  61. carcinoma
    cancerous tumor or malignant tumor
  62. stomach cancer
    gastric carcinoma
  63. metastasis
    transfer of a disease from one organ to another not connected to it
  64. meta-
    means beyond
  65. -stasis
    means in one place (staying)
  66. carcinoma in situ
    carcinoma confined to the stie of origine
  67. form a word that means cancer of a glandular tissue
  68. cancer of connective tissue
  69. osteosarcoma
    cancer of bone tissue

    bone tissue is connective tissue
  70. melanosis
    black pigmentation
  71. black tumor
  72. papill/o
    small elevation of tissue
  73. fibr/o
    fibrous tissue
  74. carcin/o
  75. chondr/o
  76. leiomy/o
    smooth muscle
  77. ather/o
    fatty, porridgelike
  78. hem/angi/o
    blood vessel
  79. neur/o
  80. angi/o
  81. leuk/o
  82. myel/o
    bone marrow
  83. lymph/o
  84. melanin
    pigment that gives dark color to the hair, skin, and choroid (dark pigmented area of the eye)
  85. melanocyte
    black pigmented cell
  86. melanoderma
    black or dark skin coloring
  87. melanocarcinoma
    darkly pigmented cancer
  88. black mole cancer
  89. make the following plural
    • carcinomata
    • lipomata
    • sarcomata
    • atheromata
    • adenomata
    • melanomata
  90. onc/o
    means tumor
  91. oncology
    study of tumors
  92. specialist who studies tumors
  93. -oid
    like or resembling
  94. resembling fat
  95. atherosclerosis
    hardening of blood vessels due to fatty deposits caused by high amounts of cholesterol
  96. arteri/o
  97. arthr/o
  98. neo-
  99. neogenesis
    generation of new tissue
  100. neonatal
    refers to the new born
  101. neoplasm
    tumor or new growth
  102. plasm/o
  103. anti-
  104. -plastic
    suffix for abnormal growth
  105. a therapeutic agent that works against cancerous neoplasms is called an
    antineoplastic agent
  106. an agent that inhibits the development of tumors is an
    antitumorigenic agent
  107. antitumorigenesis
    process of inhibiting development of a tumor
  108. radiotherapy
    use of radiation for cancer treatment
  109. chemotherapy
    antineoplastic chemical or drug agents used for cancer treatment
  110. list three treatments for cancer
    • radiotherapy
    • chemotherapy
    • surgery
  111. mucoid
    resembling mucus
  112. -oid
    suffix meaning like or resembling
  113. muc/o
  114. hysterectomy
    excision of the uterus
  115. lymphadenectomy
    the excision of lymphatic nodes
  116. mucoid
    adjective that means resembling or like mucus
  117. mucus
    secretion of the mucous membrane
  118. mucous membrane
    membrane that secretes mucus
  119. mucosa
    the mucus membrane
  120. gastric mucosa
    stomach lining
  121. the mucosa sectretes ______. Anything that resembles mucus is ________. Mucoid substances are not mucus; therefore they are not secreted by the _______.
    • mucus
    • mucoid
    • mucosa
  122. serosa
    the serous membrane that lines the closed body cavities and cover the outside of the organs such as the intestines
  123. cephalalgia
    pain in the head
  124. cephal
    word root for head
  125. suffix for pain
  126. cephal/o
  127. crani/o
  128. encephal/o
  129. cephalodynia
    pain in the head
  130. headache
    • cephalalgia or cephalgia
    • cephalodynia
  131. 2 suffixes for pain
    • -algia
    • -dynia
  132. adjective that means pertaining to head pain
  133. pertaining to the head
  134. inflammation of the brain
  135. encephaloma
    brain tumor
  136. encephalocele
    herniation of the brain
  137. when brain tissue protudes through a cranial fissure this is an
  138. -cele
    suffix meaning abnormal protrusion, swelling, or herniation
  139. malacia
    word meaning softening of a tissue
  140. encephalomalacia
    softening of brain tissue
  141. incision into the brain
  142. malac/o
    soft areas
  143. incision of soft areas
  144. noun meaning softening of brain tissue
  145. cerebrum
  146. meninges
  147. spinal cord
  148. picture of the electrical activity of the brain
  149. electr/o
  150. electroencephalography
    process of recording electrical brain activity
  151. electroencephalograph
    instrument used to record the EEG
  152. electroneurodiagnostic technologists
    professionals who perform electroencephalography
  153. -plasty
    surgery or repair
  154. cranioplasty
    surgical repair of the cranium or skull
  155. softening of the bones of the skull
  156. excision of part of the cranium
  157. incision into the skull
  158. craniometer
    instrument used to measure the cranium
  159. adjective form of cranium
  160. craniocerebral
    skull and cerebrum
  161. cerebrum
    • part of the brain in which thought occurs
    • feeling is interpreted in the cerebrum
    • motor movement or impulses arise in the cerebrum
  162. adjectival form of cerebrum
  163. cerebral hemorrhage
    cerebral bleeding
  164. cerebritis
    inflammation of the cerebrum
  165. cerebral tumor
  166. incision into the cerebrum
  167. cerebrovascular accident
  168. hypertensive
    high blood pressure
  169. cardiovascular
    vessels of the heart
  170. disease
    abnormal function
  171. cerebrospinal
    refers to the brain and spinal cord
  172. meninges
    • three layerd membrane that covers the brain and spinal cord
    • pia mater
    • arachnoid
    • dura mater
  173. protective covering of the brain and spinal cord
  174. herniation of the meninges
  175. softening of the meninges
  176. meningitis
    inflammation of the meninges
  177. meningococci
    bacteria taht cause epidemic meningitis
  178. -cocci
  179. AIDS
  180. BX, Bx
  181. BCC
    basal cell carcinoma
  182. BP
    blood pressure
  183. Ca
  184. CA
  185. CIS
    carcinoma in situ
  186. CP
    cerebral palsy
  187. CSF
    cerebrospinal fluid
  188. CV
  189. CVA
    cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
  190. EEG
    electroencephalography, electroencephalogram
  191. END
  192. ENG
  193. EP
    evoked potential
  194. HA
  195. HCVD
    hypertensive cardiovascular disease
  196. HTN
  197. MBD
    minimal brain dysfunction
  198. met., metas., mets
    metastasis, metastases
  199. NCS
    nerve conduction studies
  200. PSG
  201. RT
  202. TIA
    transient ischemic attack
  203. singular form of meninges
  204. myelomeningocele
    herniation of the meninges and the spinal cord
  205. word root for development
  206. adenitis
    inflammation of a gland
  207. adenoma
    tumor of a gland
  208. adenopathy
    disease condition of a gland
  209. antineoplastic
    agent that works against tumor growth
  210. antitumorigenic
    agent that prevents tumor growth
  211. atheroma
    fatty tissue tumor
  212. atherosclerosis
    hardening of blood vessels caused by fatty growth
  213. biopsy
    excision of live tissue for examination
  214. carcinoma
    cancer of epithelial tissue
  215. cephalalgia
    head pain
  216. cephalic
    pertaining to the head
  217. cerebral
    pertaining to the cerebrum
  218. cerebritis
    inflammation of the cerebrum
  219. cerebroma
    tumor of the cerebrum
  220. cerebrospinal
    pertaining to the cerebrum and spine
  221. cerebrovascular
    pertaining to the cerebrum and blood vessels
  222. craniectomy
    excision of part of the skull
  223. craniomalacia
    softeneing of the skull
  224. cranioplasty
    surgical repair of skull
  225. craniotomy
    incision into the skull
  226. cytologist
    specialist in the study of cells
  227. cytotechnologist
    specialized technician that tests cells
  228. electroencephalogram
    tracing showing brain wave activity
  229. electroencephalograph
    instrument used to turn brain waves into electrical patterns showing picture of changes in activity
  230. encephalocele
    herniation of brain tissue
  231. encephalomalacia
    softening of brain tissue
  232. encephalomeningitis
    inflammation of the brain and meninges
  233. encephalomyelopathy
    disease of the brain tissue and spinal cord
  234. electroneurodiagnostic
    electrical diagnostic testing of nervous system function
  235. glandular
    pertaining to a gland
  236. hyperemesis
    excessive vomiting
  237. lymphadenopathy
    disease condition of the lymph glands
  238. malacotomy
    incision into soft tissue
  239. malignant
    bad, worsening, or leading to death
  240. melanocarcinoma
    malignant melanoma
  241. meningocele
    herniation of the meninges
  242. metastasis
    tumor that spreads beyond its origin
  243. metastasize
    to spread beyond its origin
  244. metastatic
    pertaining to metastasis or metastases
  245. neurodiagnostic
    pertaining to diagnostic studies performed to examine the nervous system by detecting electrical charges
  246. pathology
    study of disease
  247. serosa
    serous membrane
  248. ulcer
    crater like sore
  249. vascular
    pertaining to the vessels
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