Health and Safety

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  1. What does OSHA stand for?
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  2. What act made osha exist?
    occuaptional safety and health act, in the 1970s.
  3. What is osha's slogan?
    Safe and healthful working conditions for men and women.
  4. what does osha do?
    • sets and enforces safety and health standards
    • Main job is to issue msds( material safety data sheets)
  5. What is on the msds sheets?
    • chemical name
    • manufacturers name and address
    • safety exposure limits
    • ppe
  6. What do the colors mean on the diamond of death?
    • red=fire
    • blue=health
    • yellow=instability
    • white=scientific hazard.
  7. What's worse on the diamond of death scale?
    4-0, worse to better/stable
  8. What does niosh stand for?
    National institute for occupational safety and health
  9. What does niosh do?
    prevents injuries and illness by known scientific informantion and research
  10. What does CDC stand for?
    center for disease control and prevention
  11. What does cdc do?
    • detects and investigates health problems
    • conducts research
    • develop public health policies
    • implement prevention strategies
    • promote good health practices
  12. what does the fda stand for?
    federal drug administration
  13. what does the fda do?
    regulates food and drugs for safe consumer use.
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