that's english modulo 5 unit 1-3

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  1. divulgación
    spread [spred](vb: pt, pp spread)

    The spread of technology is making this happen very fast.
  2. texto
    • Globalisation is happening all around us. We are living in a global society.
    • We have the same products, the same brands, the same experiences.
    • The spread of technology is making this happen very fast.
    • International food and drinks companies are replacing traditional or national ones, and local family businesses.
    • Some people are not happy about globalisation.

    They worry about losing their cultural identity. They feel that their national characteristics are disappearing.

    The spread of Halloween is an example of globalisation. An annual event where people dress up in costume,it was first popular in the United States and Great Britain. It is now becoming a global festival.

    Expert in cultural exchange, Ken Wilson, explains that the term globalization means many different things
  3. disfraz
    costume [ˈkɒstjuːm]
  4. disfrazarse
    dress up in costume
  5. procuparse de algo
    worry about verb-ing

    • i worry about losing my key
    • they worry about breaking the glasses
  6. globalizacion
    globalization [ˌgləʊbəlaɪˈzeɪʃən]
  7. hay muchos tipos de
    there are many different kinds of
  8. hacer posible
    to make it possible to

    there's economic globalisation where rich countries and financial institutions make it possible to transfer funds to buy and sell goods.”
  9. donde quiera que vayas hay
    wherever you go there's a McDonalds, there's a Starbucks.”
  10. el que mas le gusta a la gente
    I suppose the one that people like best,
  11. hago lo que puedo para
    i do my best to meet people
  12. depende de
    It really depends on where you live.
  13. quiere decir que
    it means that a local café probably closes.”
  14. no hay duda que
    there is no doubt that English is the language of our globalised world
  15. cuanto mas……….mas
    • The more people travel, the more people trade, the more they need a language that
    • everybody understands
  16. verdaderamente, de verdad
    • truly [ˈtruːlɪ]
    • We are now living in a truly globalised world.
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