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  1. Examples to maintain physical fitness during pregnancy
    Playing singles tennis with one person on each side of the net, swimming and water aerobics,
  2. Recommendations to treat pregnancy associated heartburn
    Relax and eat slowly, chew food thoroughly, eat small and frequent meals, drink liquids between meals, avoid spicy or greasy foods, sit up while eating, wait 3 hours after eating before laying down, wait 2 hours after eating before exercising.
  3. Term used to describe craving for non-food substances
  4. Example of common problems during pregnancy
    Nausea, heartburn, constipation, food cravings and aversions, nonfood cravings
  5. Provides nutrition education and nutritious foods to infants, children to age 5, and pregnant and breastfeeding women who qualify financially and have a high risk of medical or nutritional problems
    What is WIC
  6. When does preeclampsia typically develops
    Usually occurs with first pregnancies and most often 20 weeks gestation; symptoms typically regress within 2 days of delivery
  7. Term that causes abnormal fetal development and birth defects
  8. Function of Prolactin
    Is responsible for milk production.
  9. What causes let-down reflex
    When the hormone oxytocin causes the mammary glands to eject milk into the ducts
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