Phlebotomy chapter #11

  1. What are three customer expectations for quality service
    • A. know what the customer wants
    • B. determine whether or not the customer is getting the service
    • C. continuously take action to satisfy the customer
  2. Communication is the sending and receiving of messages. Communication starts with a _________, which is then accepted by ________________.
    • sender
    • receiver
  3. People speak at the rate of __________________ words per minute.
    100 to 200
  4. People can listen at the rate of __________________ words per minute. This results in extra time the receiver can be distracted.
    500 to 600
  5. What are the three frames of reference that create a common understanding?
    • A. background
    • B. education
    • C. experience
  6. What are the five different types of conflict management style?
    • A. accommodation
    • B. avoider
    • C. collaborator
    • D. compromiser
    • E. controller
  7. What are the two types of stress. List them and give an example of each.
    • A. Acute stress - one time incident such as barely avoiding a car accident
    • B. Chronic stree - continous stress full incidences difficult job enviornment
  8. To achieve quality customer service, the phlebotomist must meet what customer needs?

  9. When two people are communicating, they understand each other, and have a common ground. This common ground is based on three frames of reference.

  10. The phlebotomist who tends to smooth over a conflict is know as a/an:

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