Med Term Unit 1

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  1. gast/r
  2. build a word using the following
  3. build a word using the following
  4. build a word using the words
  5. build a word using
  6. otalgia
    ear pain
  7. microscope
    instrument used to see small things
  8. micrometer
    device used to measure small things
  9. chickenpox
    compound word for the disease also known as varicella zoster
  10. postherpetic neuralgia
    condition of nerve pain
  11. hydrophobia
    fear of water
  12. hydrotherapy
    treatment using water
  13. build a word using radi/o and -grapher
  14. port
    word root meaning carry
  15. condyle
    rounded protuberance that occurs at the ends of some bones
  16. anemia
    condition in which the blood does not have enough healthy red blood cells
  17. -ism
    condition state or theory
  18. -ist
  19. -ity
  20. -able
  21. byperthydroidism
    condition or state of too much secretion by the thyroid gland
  22. contraction
    condition of muscle shortening
  23. sensitivity
    expresses the quality of nervous tissue excitability related to receiving stimuli
  24. mucus
    watery secretion
  25. serous
    refers to the nature of having or possessing material lining closed body cavities such as the abdomen
  26. digestible
    the ability to be digested
  27. inflatable
    have the ability to be inflate
  28. -ing
    when added to a verb it places the verb in the present participle
  29. plural suffix to -ma
  30. plural suffix for -nx
  31. plural suffix for -us
  32. plural suffix for -is
  33. plural suffix for -ix
  34. list the plural forms for the following words
    • vertibrea
    • bacilli
    • testes
    • ilia
    • cortices
    • appendices
    • thoraces
    • protozoa
    • sarcomata
    • diagnoses
    • phalanges
  35. megal/o
    • enlarged
    • large
  36. acromegaly
    enlargement of the extremities, signs are enlargement of the bones of the hands, feet, as well as some of the bones of the head
  37. dermat/o
    refers to the skin
  38. -logist
    one who studies
  39. papule
    • solid elevated lesion less than 0.45 cm in diameter
    • warts
  40. wheal
    • localized edema in the epidermis causing irregular elevation that may be red or pale
    • insect bite or a hive
  41. boil (furuncle)
    skin infection originating in gland or hair follicle
  42. pustule
    • vesicles or bullae that become filled with pus usually described as less than 0.5 cm in diameter
    • acne
    • impetigo
    • furuncles
    • carbuncles
    • folliculitis
  43. -osis
    condition, status, or process
  44. ccu
    critical care unit
  45. Gr
  46. HSV-2
    herpes simplex virus 2
  47. VZV
    varicella zoster virus
  48. acrodermatitis
    inflammation of the skin extremities
  49. turn the following nouns into adjectives
    • cyanotic
    • anemic
    • duodenal
    • mucous
    • arthritic
    • injectible
    • emetic
    • condylar
  50. VAR
    varicella zoster vaccine (chicken pox vaccine)
  51. HSV-1
    herpes simplex virus 1
  52. ER
    emergency one
  53. adj
  54. n
  55. cyst
    • encapsulated fluid filled or a semi solid mass in the subcutaneous tissue or dermis
    • sebaceous cyst
    • epidermoid cyst
  56. bullae
    • same as a vesicle only greater than 0.5cm
    • contact dermatitis, large second degree burns, bulbous impetigo
  57. crust
    • dried serum, blood, or pus on the surface of the skin
    • impetigo
  58. macule
    • localized changes in skin color of less than 1cm
    • freckle
  59. paralysis of the extremeties
  60. -itis
  61. acrodermatitis
    inflammation of the skin of the extremeties
  62. -logy
    study of
  63. -y
    suffix meaning the process or condition that makes a word a noun
  64. -megaly
    suffix for enlarged
  65. acr/o
    words that refer to the extremities
  66. ex-
    mean either from or out from
  67. list the plural forms for the following words
    • cocci
    • calcanea
    • vertices
    • cervices
    • thoraces
  68. plural suffix for -ax
  69. plural suffix for -ex
  70. plural suffix for -um
  71. plural suffix for -a
  72. plural suffix for -sis
  73. plural suffix for -on
  74. -ed
    when added to a verb it places it in past tense
  75. words ending in -ible and -able
  76. nervous
    refers to having possessing too much stress, or having a type of tissue made of nerve cells
  77. mucous
    • an adjective
    • refers to the nature of having a material secreted by the mucous membrane
  78. conductivity
    expresses the quality of conducting nerve and muscle impulses
  79. medical practitioner
    one who practices medicine
  80. psychiatrist
    a specialist who practices psychiatry
  81. relaxation
    condition of diminished tension
  82. -ible
  83. -ous
    possissing having full of
  84. -er
    one who
  85. -tion
  86. emetric
    a medicine or substance that causes vomiting
  87. cyanosis
    blue discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes resulting from an inadequate amount of oxygen in the blood
  88. medical practitioner
    one who practices medicine
  89. hydrocele
    water, a saclike cavity
  90. hyrdr/o
  91. zostervax
    immunization that may help prevent those with a history of childhood chicken pox from developing shingles after age 60
  92. herpetic lesion
    herpes viral blister
  93. microsurgery
    surgery using a microscope
  94. micr/o
  95. acrodermatitis
    inflammation of the skin extremeties
  96. anemia/anemic
    lack of blood
  97. appendix/ appendices
    glandular structure below the cecum
  98. bacillus/bacilli
    rod-shaped bacteria
  99. bacterium/bacteria
    microorganism group
  100. brainstem
    brain structure that includes, midbrain, pons, medulla, oblogata
  101. carcinoma/ carcinomata
    cancerous tumor (epithelial origin)
  102. carpus, carpal, carpi
    wrist bones
  103. crisis/ crises
    acute (severe) situation
  104. cyanosis/ cyanotic
    condition of blueness
  105. cytometer
    instrument that measures (counts) cells
  106. dermatitis
    inflammation of the skin
  107. dermatology
    study of the skin, medical specialty
  108. disease
    abnormal function or condition
  109. extension
    stretching or elongation
  110. gastrectomy
    excision of the stomach
  111. gastric
  112. gastritis
    inflammation of the stomach
  113. gastroduodenostomy
    make a new surgical opening between the stomach and duodenum
  114. gastroduodenoscopy
    examination by looking into the stomach and the duodenum with a scope
  115. hydrocele
    herniation or sac containing water
  116. hydrophobia
    abnormal fear of water
  117. hydrotherapy
    therapy using water
  118. hyperthyroidism
    overactive thyroid condition
  119. ilium/ iliac
    upper pelvic bone
  120. inflammation
    condition defined by redness, swelling, pain, and warmth
  121. inject, injected,  injecting
    put in using a needle
  122. injectable
    able to be injected
  123. larynx/ larynges
    voice box
  124. lymphadenopathy
    disease of a lymph gland
  125. microbe
    very small organism
  126. microfilm
    image reduced to small size on film
  127. micrometer
    one millionth of a meter
  128. microscope
    instrument used to look at small structures
  129. microsurgery
    surgery using a microscope
  130. mucus/ mucous
    watery substance produced by a membrane
  131. practitoner
    one who practices
  132. psychiatrist
    specialist in treating mental disorders
  133. radiographer
    one who makes x-ray images
  134. sensitivity
    quality of being sensitive
  135. spermatozoon
  136. thermometer
    instrument that measures temperature
  137. transport
    carry across
  138. vertebra/ vertebrae
    spinal bones
  139. vomit, vomited, vomiting
    evacuate stomach contents
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