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  1. What is recruitment?
    • -It is the search for qualified people to
    • sufficiently create their interest to see the need to apply for existing job
    • positions or newly created ones.

    • -The process of locating, identifying and
    • attracting capable applicants for job openings in organizations or business
    • firms.
  2. What are the Factors affecting recruitment?
    1. Internal factors

    2. External factors
  3. What are the Internal Factor affecting recruitment?
    1. Size of organization

    2. Recruiting Policies of an organization

    3. Lead market pay strategy

    4. Employment at will versus Due process

    5. Image of organization

    6. Image of the job
  4. What are the external Factors that affecting recruitment?
    1. Labour Market

    2. Level of unemployment 

    3. Government Policy
  5. What are the Recruitment activities?
    1. Obtaining authorization to hire.

    2. Identification of sources of suitable candidates for the job.

    3. Communication
  6. What are the sources of Recruitment?
    1. Internal

    2. External
  7. What are the Internal sources of recruitment?
    1. Use of former employee

    2. Employees' referrals

    3. Unsolicited of previous applications
  8. What are the external recruitment sources
    1. Advertisement

    2. Private and public recruitment agencies

    3. Education institution

    4. Head- hunting/ Raiding

    5. Electronic recruitment.
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