Job Design

  1. What is Job design?
    • This is the process of deciding on the contents of a job,its duties and
    • responsibilities,Also includes:-
    • The methods used in carrying out the job, i.e. techniques, systems and procedures

    Relationship that should exist between the job holder and his/her superiors, subordinates and colleagues.
  2. What are the aims of Job design?
    • (a) The overall objective of job design is to integrate the needs of the individual
    • with those of the organization. (b)  Another
    • aim of job design is to fulfill the social responsibilities of the organization
    • to the people who work in it by improving the quality of working life.
  3. What are the Principles of Job design?
    1. To influence skill variety, provide opportunities for people to combine tasks.

    2. To influence task identity combine tasks and form natural work units.

    • 3. To influence autonomy.  Give people
    • responsibility for determining their own working systems.

    • 4. To influence feedback, establish good relationships and open feedback channels.
    • .
  4. What are the Factors affecting Job design?
    1. Organizational 

    2. Environmental

    3. Behavioral 

    4. Need for autonomy

    5. Use of abilities

    6. Need for feedback

    7. Need for Variety
  5. What are the techniques of Job design?
    1. Work simplification

    2. Job rotation

    3. Job enlargement

    4. Job enrichment
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