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  1. sociable
    They had shared the bond of being the only two women aboard the Dolphin and the older woman had been sociable and kind. (pg. 5)

    • 1. Inclined to seek out the company of other people.
    • 2. Friendly and pleasant to other people.
  2. cuff
    Her mother leaned foward, grasped the woolen jumper and jerked her back, smacking her down with a sharp cuff. (pg. 8)

    Def.: To hit somebody lightly with an open hand.
  3. clergyman
    "In another year I hope to be ready to take a church of my own." (John Holbrook) A clergyman! she might have guessed it. (Kit) (pg. 12)

    • A man who is a member of a clergy.
    • (Clergy: a body of people ordained for religious service, especially in the Christian Church)
  4. dreary
    How dreary it must be for her, working here day after day. Kit was ashamed of her own impatience. (On thoughts of Mercy) (pg. 41)

    Gloomy, unexciting, and certain to have a wearying and depressing influence.
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