Roles and Respon HQ and Majcom

  1. What dose the Deputy Chief of staff, of Air and Space Operations do?
    Oversee all Air Force and war planning and readiness.
  2. Who is responsible for Overall readiness and training contributing to a force that is trained and ready to deploy.
    Directorate of Operation and Training
  3. What dose the Directorate of plans and integration are responsible for
    OPR for AF depolyment and redepolyment operations. Also develops policy guidance to support AF depolyment objectives.
  4. Who Provides expert guidance for UTC tasking of the AFSC's they manage.
    Functional Area Manger (FAM)
  5. Who Provides policy guidance to the Air Staff and MAJCOMs to achieve worldwide deployment of identified forces?
    Deputy Chief of Staff, of Installations and Logistics.
  6. Who develops concepts and systems for AF activities at all levels to compile accurate data on the number and location of deployed personnel ?
    Deputy Chief of Staff, of Personnel
  7. Who Serves as the AF focal point for operations plans and prepares directives to support depolyment planning?
    Directorate of Operational Plans.
  8. Who establishes policy guidance for deploying security force units as well as arming and use of force for all deploying personnel?
    Director of Security Forces
  9. What dose Director of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance oversees?
    All intelligence support for deployment operations.
  10. Who is responsible for overall readiness and training, contributing to a force that is trained and ready to deploy?.
    Directorate of Operations and Training.
  11. Who is the OPR for the AF deployment and redeployment operations and is also develops policy guidance to support AF deployment objectives.
    Directorate of Plans and Integration
  12. What dose a Directorate of Maintenance do.
    They develops policy guidance on maintenace organizations support of deployment operations.
  13. Who establishe standards for deployment, equipping, schedules, and pre-propositioning of civil engineering equipment?
    Directorate of Civil Engineering.
  14. What dose a Directorate of Services do?
    They establishes policy guidance for deploying services force and supports deploying force during deployment operations.
  15. Who manages MANFOR and oversees the AF Master MANFOR database and ensures the system interface with other automated planining systems.
    Director of Manpower Organization.
  16. Who is responsible for accounitng for all deployed personnel and develops total force concepts, policies, and plans to support Reserve Component activation and mobilization, depolyment, employment, accountability, demobilization, and emergency operations.
    Director of Military peronnel policy
  17. what division is made up form supply, aerial port, operations ( Global logistics support center(GLSC)), and carg directorates. It also serves as the focal point for transportation support of Air force deployment operations and develop guidance on supply organizations in support of deployment operations.
    Supply chain management division.
  18. Who is at the MAJCOM level?
    Supported Component Command, Supporting Componet Command, Planner, Functional Area Manager.
  19. What is the Supported component command responsible for?
    Responsible for developing plans and procedures to support personnel processing for military, civilian (DoD and Contractors), and family members during Contingency , wartime, exercise and emergency operations.
  20. What Command coordinates on requirement with the MAJCOM Functional staffs during the deliberate planning phase and develops Annex E (MO and Personnel Annex) fore each taske OPLAN using the MAJCOM Functional staff deliberate planning inputs and base support Planning information.
    Supported Componet Command
  21. What Command outlines unique reporting requirements and their submission timelines, develops and validates presonnel requirements for sourcing, and reviews and validates filler and replacement requirements from operational PERSCO team and MPF.It also provides for each operations classification guidance, a clear-text listing of DRMD line remark, and reporting instructions for each operation to HQ AFPC/DPWRM, all supporting component commands, MPFs and Persco Team (PTs) supporting the operation.
    Supported Component Command
  22. True or false Supporting component command establishes accountability for personnel ports of embarkations and maintains personnel accountbility by tracking and managing mini-records.
  23. True or false Supporting Component Command is responsible for ensuring that all personnel deploying are processed according to the supported command's reporting quidance/processing instructions and continullay supports fliler/replacement requirements received from HQ AFPC and AEF sourcing center, establish levy reclama and shortfall procedures for subordinate units, publishes these guidelines, and ensures supported command work LIMFAC's identified by PERSCO team that limit or hinder their operational capabilites.
  24. True or False FAM are responsible for supporting, developing and managing planning and execution requirements to support all possible wartime contingencies.
    False Planner are responsible.
  25. Who at all level analyze and review WMP-1 guidance for their respective functional areas and use DCAPES to support the combatant commander's selected COA in a timely manner.
  26. True or False War planners review all depolyment-related document and identify the installation's total deployment and reception requirements.
  27. Who are required to coordinate with their ARC counterparts to the maximum extent possible regarding the usage of ARC forces and work with supporting command and combat support agencies to identify requirements for support force and sustainment.
  28. Who at all levels are analyze and review WMP-1 guidance for their respective functional areas and work closely with air staff to ensure compliance with guidance, resolve any contentious issues, and ensure the most effective management of forces.
  29. Ture or false FAM provide guidance to MO staff members to ensure the DRMD accurately reflects the UTC requirements for sourcing and tasking
  30. who has the responsiblity for approval and disapproval of shortfalls and reclama actions in coordination with the AEFC.
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