Ch. 15 Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Dependency

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  1. What is drug abuse?
    the use of drugs to the point of causing risk or harm, either legal risk or the risk of harming oneself and others
  2. What is a physical addiction?
    a condition that develops from abusing a drug that forms a chemical dependency
  3. What is a psychological dependency?
    the development of a persistent, sometimes overpowering psychological need for a drug
  4. What is experimental use?
    occasional drug use motivated by curiosity
  5. What is social-recreational use?
    drug use primarily to relax and have fun at parties
  6. What is circumstantial-situational use?
    drug use to produce a desired psychological mood
  7. What is intensified drug use?
    daily drug use
  8. What is compulsive drug use?
    drug use motivated by physical addiction or psychological dependency
  9. What are narcotics?
    a class of opiate-based drugs that depresses the central nervous system and thus relieves pain and induces sleep; in large doses, produces unconsciousness, stupor, coma, and possibly death; most are habit forming
  10. What are endogenous endorphins?
    chemicals similar to narcotics that are produced by the body and cause euphoria and depress pain
  11. What are stimulants?
    agents that produce a temporary increase in the functioning of the body
  12. What is dopamine?
    a neurotransmitter whose effects are enhanced by stimulants
  13. What is serotonin?
    a neurotransmitter that is chemically similar to the hallucinogens
  14. What is attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?
    a behavioral disorder characterized by impulsivity, an inability to pay attention, and an inability to sit still
  15. What are depressants?
    a class of drugs that works by slowing the functioning of the central nervous system (alcohol, inhalants)
  16. What is GABA?
    an inhibitory neurotransmitter; depressants increase its effectiveness
  17. What are club drugs?
    collectively, ecstasy, rohypnol, GHB, and ketamine; they are part of the rave scene and are used in bars
  18. What are hallucinogens?
    a class of drugs that acts on the central nervous system to alter perception and states of consciousness, causing hallucinations; so-called psychedelic drugs
  19. What is THC?
    the active ingredient in marijuana
  20. What is the hippocampus?
    a part of the brain involved with learning, memory, and motivation
  21. What is alcoholics anonymous (AA)?
    an approach that uses a 12-step model and peer support to help people stop abusing alcohol
  22. What is behavioral therapy?
    an approach that uses modeling, reinforcement, and situational inducement to alter behavior
  23. What is family systems therapy?
    an approach to helping adolescents in which the emphasis is on enhancing family communication and improving family relationships
  24. What is therapeutic community treatment?
    treatment in a residential situation with others who have similar problems; includes individual and group therapy and skills training
  25. What is binge drinking?
    the consumption of five or more drinks within a two-hour period
  26. What is cirrhosis?
    an often fatal disease of the liver caused by heavy and chronic alcohol consumption
  27. What is the frontal lobe?
    the cerebral lobe that is the center for higher-order thinking, such as planning and impulse control
  28. What is the cerebellum?
    a part of the brain that controls balance, coordination, and learning
  29. What is alcohol abuse?
    excessive use of alcohol so that functioning is impaired
  30. What is alcoholism?
    chemical dependency on alcohol accompanied by compulsive and excessive drinking
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