DNA transcription

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  1. what is the purpose of DNA transcription?
    DNA transcription is the process of synthesizing RNA from the DNA template strand.
  2. Describe the difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic transcription, name the products of both
    • prokaryotic transcription does not involve as many transcription factors like eukaryotic division therefore and occurs within the cytoplasm. The product of prokaryotic transcription is a finalized mRNA
    • eukaryotic transcription involves numerous transcription factors to catalyze the process and towards as well as factors to end the sequence.
  3. what is the function of RNA polymerase
    binds to the promoter region and synthesizes the RNA strand from the DNA template strand
  4. in what direction does RNA polymerase build from?
    builds at the 5' -->3' direction, downstream of template strand 3'-->5'
  5. what are the three phases of transcription and describe each
    • initiation: when the RNA poly II binds and unwinds the DNA
    • elongation: as RNA pol moves downstream on the DNA template, it transcribes the mRNA by catalyzing the exergonic reaction of 
    • termination: when the RNA reaches teh termination site and disrupts the bonds between the RNA pol and the DNA template strand. Releasing the mRNA
  6. compare and contrast the intitation stage between prokarytotic and eukaryotic transcription
    • for prokaryotes, a protein called sigma binds to the RNA polymerase and activates it to bind to the promoter. The resulting structure of RNA pol and sigma is called the holoenzyme.
    • for eukaryotes, various components called transcription factors bind with the RNA polymerase and promoter called the transcription initiation complex.
  7. What is the Beadly and Tatum hypothesis
    1 gene = 1 rna
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