MCB Lec 2

  1. Resolution
    the ability to distinguish closely positioned objects as separate images
  2. Resolving power of human eye
    0.2 mm
  3. resolving power of LM
    0.2 microm
  4. resolving power of TEM
    1 nm
  5. Resolving power of SEM
    2.5 nm
  6. General Histological Approach
    • 1. Fix
    • 2. Infiltrate and embed
    • 3. Stain
  7. Acid Dye
    Organic or inorganic compound that carries a permanent negative charge
  8. Basic Dye
    Organic or Inorganic compound with a permanent positive charge
  9. Enzyme Histochemistry
    the location of an enzyme is determined by taking advantage of its catalytic activity
  10. Schiff Reagent
    PAS method to localize carbohydrates

    Fuelgen reaction to stain DNA
  11. Immunocytochemistry
    antibodies used to locate specific molecules (antigen)
  12. Autoradiography
    localization of radiolabeled molecules
  13. In Situ Hybridization
    used to detect RNA or DNA using nucleic acid probes to locate complementary nucleotide sequences
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MCB Lec 2
Methods to determine cell, tissue, and organ structure