1. What is a sequence of activites that an individual or unit may follow and is a product of the Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES) concept development phase.
    Course of Actio(COA)
  2. What is the command having primary responsiblity for an operation.
    Supported Command
  3. What is Time-Phased Force and Deployment Data (TPFDD)?
    • TPFDD is a JOPES database portion of an operation plan (OPLAN) : it contains non-unit-related cargo and personnel data, and movement data for the OPLAN, including:
    • A in-place unit
    • B units to be deployed to support the OPLAN with a priority indicating the desired sequence for their arrival at the port of debarkation
    • C routing of forces to be deployed
    • D movement data associated with deploying Forces
    • E Estimates of non-unit-related cargo and personnel movements to be conducted concurrently with the deployment of forces,
    • F Estimate of transportation requirements that must be fulfilled by common-user lift resources as well as those requirements that can be fulfilled by assigned or attached transporation resources.
  4. What is a computer system designed to allow planners form ALL SERVICES and AGENCIES to develop and execute operational plans as well as monitor,plan, and execute mobiliztiion, deployment,employment,and sustainment activites associated with joint operation
    JOPES (Joint Operation Planning and Execution System)
  5. What is an OPLAN (Operation Plan)?
    A Plan for theconduct of military operations.
  6. Who Prepares the OPLAN?
    Plans are prepare by the Combatant commands in response to requirements establish by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff and by commanders of subordinate commands in response to requirements tasked by the establishing unified commander.
  7. What dose an OPLAN identifies?
    An OPLAN identifies the forces and supplies required to execute the Command in Chief (CINC's) AKA OBAMA Strategic concept and a movement schedule of these resources to the theater of operations AKA Afg and IRQ.
  8. True or false OPlan can be prepared in their complete format or in an abbreciated format known as as a Concept PLAN (CONPLAN).
    Ture: Conplan generally dose not have detailed support requirements and TPFDD files are not prepared.
  9. What is a five-character, alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies each type of Unit ( force package AKA persco team) of the Armed Forces.
    • UTC or uint type code.
    • It may identify a Manpower like Personnel, IDO,Loggies or equipment like laptop,or office supplies .
  10. Ture or false UTC are only standard( the same air force wide).
    • False UTC can be standard or non-standard (command or base-unique).
    • DCAPES uses a six position UTC; last position being suffix that identifies the UTC's current status.
  11. What is a number that is a unique identification number that uniquely describes a unit entry (line) in JOPES time-phased force and deployment data. It also combines the force requirement number (FRN), Fragmentation code (FRAG), and insert codes to identify specific units providing all or part of a force requirement. It will not be duplicated within a single plan.
    Unit line number (ULN)
  12. What is a command tasked to provide forces to a supported command ?
    Supporting command
  13. What is the Air force standard automated data processing subsystem of the JOPES.
    Deliberate Crisis Action Planing and Executiion Segments (DCAPES)
  14. Who useing DCAPES and why?
    DCAPES is used by operations, logistics, manpower, and personnel planners at all command levels and it to develop and maintain force packages and task requirements for oplan TPFDD. It synchronizes the AF personnel, readiness, operation and logistics system to provide real time, accurate adaptive planning and execution.
  15. What Air force single system is to present, plan, source, mobilize, deploy, account for, sustain, redeploy, and reconstitute cobatant commanders' requirements.
  16. What four Stragic server enclaves (SSE) that the Global command and control system-Air Force(GCCS-AF) DCAPES are Co-located?
    • AMC-Scott AFB
    • ACC-Langley AFB
    • PACAF-Hickam AFB
    • USAFE/AFUER-Ramstein AB, germany
  17. What DOD system provids the planning community the ability to share the workload among computer centers and rapidly query programs and data files at remote locations, update and transfer files remotely, send messages and already-formmatted data, and teleconference. That enable war fighters at all levels of command to plan, execute, and manage military operations.
    Global Command and Control Systems ( GCSS AKA Geeks)
  18. Who acts on behalf of the installation commander in the overall direction, control, and coordination of all aspects of deployments from base.
    Installation Deployment Officer(IDO)
  19. Who is responsible for validating all tasking by untilizing the tasked squadron unit manning dcoument (UMD),
    Manpower office (MO).
  20. True or false The air national guard and reserve units are not authorized a manpower position so the IDO may bypass them during the deployment process.
  21. Who is the Force Support Squadron(FSS) office that functions as base level office of primary responsibility (OPR) for all personnel deployment/contingency, exercise, or rotation matters. Also, during emergencies converts to Personnel Readiness Center (PRC) or Employment Readiness Center (ERC) and acts as focal point for managing personnel resources, through personnel representative on Battle Staff.
    Installation Presonnel Readiness (IPR)
  22. Who is the unit representative that is responsible for the unit deployment program and is identified and appointed by the unit commander.
    UMD( Unit Deployment Manager).
  23. What is a reporting system use to measure the readiness of a combat or combat support unit and will identify units that can or cannot meet their DOC( Designed Operational Capability statment.
    SORTS ( status of resources and training)
  24. What are the five C-rating that sorts use.
    • C-1 Full Wartime Mission
    • C-2 Most of the Wartime mission
    • C-3 Many but not all portions of the wartime mission
    • C-4 It may be directed t to undertake portion of its wartime mission
    • C-5 directed resource action and is not prepared, at this time, to undertake the mission set for which it is organized and designed.(very bad)
  25. What statment is a short paragraph that describes the capability a specific unit type code is expected to have at execution and usually contains pertinet information such as the type of base to b deployed to, the functions included, and other augmentation requirement necessary to conduct specific mission.
    Mission Capability(MISCAP) Statement
  26. What is the Installation's focal point for deployment operations, and has representative from personnel and logistics and the exact make-up is left up to the IDO.
    Deployment Control Center (DCC)
  27. What is responsible for actions necessary to receive, marshal, load plan, manifest, and load cargo aboard deploying aircraft or vehicles.
    Cargo Deployment Function (CDF)
  28. What organzied processing activity designed to ensure deploying personnel are properly accounted for and are prepared for deployment.
    Personnel deployment fuction (PDF)
  29. I hope this help out a little for you feel free to add more terms
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