Job Analysis

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  1. What is Job Analysis?
    • Job analysis refers to the systematic investigation of a job.
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  2. Job analysis includes?
    1. Physical circumstances

    • 2. Attributes needed to competently
    • perform the tasks in a job.
  3. What is  a Job?
    • -“A collection of tasks, duties
    • and responsibilities which are assigned to an employee” 

    • - Each job has a definite title
    • based on profession, trade or specialization associated with the job
  4. What are the outcome of Job analysis?
    1. Job descriptions

    2. Job specifications
  5. Job Descriptions entails:
    1. Overall purpose of the job.

    2. Job Content

    3. Key result areas

    4. Technological dimensions of the job

    5. Organizational factors

    6. Motivating factors

    7. Development factors
  6. What is Job Specification?
    • This are the minimum qualifications, competencies and attributes which a job holder
    • must have in order to perform a given job effectively.
  7. What is included in Job Specification?
    1. Minimum academic qualification.

    2. Experience.

    3. Age

    4. Gender

    5. Ethnicity, race and religion

    6. Salary.
  8. What are the Methods used in Job Analysis?
    1. Observation

    2. Interview

    3. Questionnaires

    4. Check Lists

    5. Diaries and Log records

    6. Critical incidents

    You need to use several methods in order to come up with a good job analysis.
  9. What are the Uses/benefits of Job analysis?
    1. Human resource Planning

    2. Training and development

    3. Recruitment and selection

    4. Placement and Orientation

    5. Job evaluation

    6. Performance appraisal 

    7. Health and safety
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