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  1. have had enough of parties because you have been to so many
    be partied out
  2. praise sth very highly
    big up sth
  3. become or make sb become totally happy and relaxed
    bliss out
  4. completely believe in a set of ideas
    buy into sth
  5. relax completely, or not allow things to upset you
    chill out
  6. to make sth more exciting than it really is
    sex up sth
  7. send a text message in reply
    text back
  8. veru worried and anxious
  9. money from your bank account that you can get from a shop when you buy goods with a debit card
  10. adjective used about a day for dressing in less formal clothes than normal
  11. if youe emails don't get to thier destination and are sent back, they...
    bounce back
  12. the condition of being ill or tired because you have been working too hard
  13. relax by doing nothing
    veg out
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