1. national broadcasting company
    flagship property of nbcuniversal, division of comcast
  2. headquarters
    in the comcast building, rockefeller center
  3. steve burke question
    How will you handle the situations where you have to make decisions against business ethics?
  4. steve burke
    Executive Vice President of Comcast as well as CEO and President of NBCUniversal.
  5. history
    NBC Universal was formed in April 2004 by the merger of General Electric's National Broadcasting Company with Vivendi's Vivendi Universal Entertainment. GE and US cable TV operator Comcast announced a buyout agreement for the company on December 3, 2009. Following regulatory approvals, the transaction completed on January 28, 2011. Comcast subsequently owned 51% of NBCUniversal while GE owned 49%. Comcast bought 100%, finalized on March 19, 2013.
  6. subsidiaries of nbcuniversal
    NBC Broadcasting, NBC Entertainment, Universal Pictures, NBC Sports Group, NBCUniversal Cable, NBCUniversal Hispanic Enterprises and Content, NBCUniversal News Group
  7. Robert Greenblatt
    Chairmant of NBC Entertainment
  8. Ronald Meyer
    Vice Chairman NBCUniversal
  9. Mark Lazarus
    chairman NBC Sports Group
  10. Bonnie Hammer
    chair NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group
  11. Andrew Lack
    head of NBC News
  12. Bonnie Hammer
    Chairman of NBCUniversal Cable, Hammer oversees the leading cable brands USA, Syfy, E!, Bravo, Oxygen, Esquire Network, Sprout, TV One, Chiller, Cloo, and Universal HD,
  13. What is the biggest risk you've taken and what did you learn from it?
    The biggest risk I have taken was turning down a free education at the University of Pittsburgh. My mom works there and fought me every day about it. I worked really hard. I was so determined to come to New York and ended up getting my entire tuition covered by scholarships. I would have never had these incredibly opportunities in Pittsburgh, and now my mom always laughs thinking how different my life would have been if I stayed.
  14. why NBC?
    It's the only media corporation that my heart wants more than my brain. My dad didn't know what to do me after my parents divorced when I was 5 so he would just put me in front of the TV, which didn't have cable. He will never understand how much that impacted my life. Shows like Will and Grace and Friends are the reasons why I came to New York. And Surface was the greatest thing my 12 year-old self had ever seen. I have not seen the series since I was 13 but it ended on such a huge cliff hanger I've never forgotten it, and I think it's what inspired me to go into television.
  15. why should we hire you?
  16. programs
    30 rock, snl, biggest loser, americas got talent, celebrity apprentice, dateline, today show, tonight show, late night, law and order svu, the voice
  17. classics
    average joe, the office, heroes, friends, will and grace, Frasier, surface (12) Miles and Nim, scrubs, Ed, Chuck, parks and rec
  18. live
    iheart radio music awards, golden globes, bangerz tour, sound of music live, miss universe, miss usa
  19. what is something you would implement to improve the company?
    integrated media, let the story continue online
  20. Which cable network in our portfolio do you think is the weakest and why?
    Cloo. lacks original programming, lacks social media presence, there are other networks similar to it, you can find law and order on many networks.
  21. Which marketing campaign have you noticed recently to be particularly strong?
    Green is Universal. #NoFoodWasted NBCUniversal has always worked on creating a positive brand image, and I really appreciate that. I care about a lot doing good, and I would be proud to work for a company that is playing their part to make the world a better place. Suits, Grimm, Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce are all making sustainable efforts. The more you know.
  22. Tell us about the most challenging experience that you have had in a work setting
    The day before the CNN Heroes: An all-star tribute, I worked 12 hours managing the talent, the locations, and the heroes. I also worked with the business coordinator to plan the production schedule for the actual show day. I was exhausted when I showed up for work early the next morning, and I was running errands all day. I spent hours getting props and scripts for sketches that would only be cut minutes later. I found myself losing my positive attitude and my eagerness 15 hours later in the day. It was very challenging to work for a 17 hour day. However, by the time we wrapped, the rush was something I couldn't describe and I was ready to do it again.
  23. Tell us something that we wouldn't know based on your resume.
    I'm incredibly loyal. I've been friends with the same people my whole life while also meeting amazing new ones. I'm still with my first boyfriend almost six years later. I'm loyal to my TV department. I'm not exaggerating when I say I've spent almost all of my weekends in the school of communication working on productions or editing because I made a decision to work hard instead of stay in bed.
  24. Describe a time you made a mistake
    During my very first internship at the PBS station in Pittsburgh, I was responsible for sending donors and sponsors their invoices. It was early in my internship and a small business asked for their invoice under their agency's name. I sent over the agency's invoice and they were handling many clients, some who paid lower rates than my small business. They were mad once they saw the other businesses paying lower rates and took away money. Since then, I have impeccable attention to detail. I will never let something slip like that again.
  25. the blacklist
    Jon Bokenkamp
  26. snl
    Lorne Michaels
  27. heroes
    Tim Kring
  28. svu
    Dick Wolf
  29. Sylvester Weaver
    today and tonight
  30. CFO
    Vasant Prabhu
  31. Mark Hoffman
    CEO of CNBC and President of CNBC
  32. D’Arcy Rudnay
    EVP Comcast, chief communications officer
  33. Arthur Block
    EVP Comcast, general council and secretary
  34. Lawrence Salva
    EVP Comcast chief accounting officer and controller
  35. chairman, content distribution
    matt bond
  36. nbc broadcasting chair
    ted harbert
  37. Executive Vice President NBCUniversal
    Cesar Conde, Adam Miller, Patricia Fili-Krushel
  38. NBC H E and Content chair
    Joe Uva
  39. founded nbc
    david sarnoff, RCA 1926
  40. slogan
    more colorful
  41. tv
    david sarnoff, 1939 world's fair
  42. first color in
  43. Mary Martin
    stars in Peter Pan on NBC 1955
  44. Nat King Cole
    first major black artist to have own series
  45. biggest loser
    Bob, Jessie, Jennifer and Dolvett. Alison Sweeney
  46. celebrity apprentice
    leeza gibbons, kate gosselin, kevin jonas
  47. blacklist plot
    Red, a former officer of the United States Navy who disappeared twenty years earlier, before becoming one of the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, surrenders himself to Harold Cooper FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. Taken to an FBI "black site", Reddington claims to share the FBI's interest in getting rid of criminals and terrorists he has associated with, that are so dangerous and devious that Cooper is unaware even of their existence. He offers Cooper his knowledge and assistance on two conditions: immunity from prosecution, and working exclusively with Elizabeth Keen, a rookie profiler newly assigned to Cooper. Keen and Cooper are suspicious of Red's interest in her, but he will only say that she is "very special". After Cooper tests Reddington's offer in locating and killing a terrorist in the first episode, Reddington reveals that this man was only the first on his "blacklist" of global criminals, which he has compiled over his criminal career, and states that he and the FBI have a mutual interest in eliminating them. As the series progresses, the mysteries of Reddington's and Liz's lives, and his interest in her, are revealed slowly.
  48. tonight show with jimmy fallon
    announcer Steve Higgins and house band The Roots
  49. late night
    The 8G Band with Fred Armisen
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