Monthly Service Review: Level 3

  1. Define and demonstrate Child Attending/Clear Instruction
    • Consumer's attention needs to be obtained before given the clear SD (question or task)
    • Getting attention away from self-stimulatory behaviorsgive clear instructions

    Demonstration: Diego, what do you want?
  2. Define Interspersal Training - Maintenance/Acquisition tasks
    • Intersperse maintenance tasks (tasks child already knows) with new ones.
    • Mastered skills are used and applied to master new, challenging skills
    • Acquisition: new skill/behavior being taught/learned
    • Maintenance: mastered/previously learned skill/behavior
  3. Define and demonstrate Multiple Cues
    Child is aware of and responds to 2 or more units within the environment
  4. Define and demonstrate Shared Control
    Balance of control between therapist and child
  5. Define and demonstrate Contingent Reinforcement
    Reinforcement is provided as immediate as possible after child's response

    Demonstration: "Diego, thumbs up." and as soon as he gives a thumbs up, he would be given praise (high five)
  6. Define and demonstrate Natural Reinforcement
    Demonstration: "I want milk, please." Give milk as reinforcement
  7. Define and demonstrate Reinforcing Attempts
    • Any goal-directed attempt should be reinforced (enhance motivation)
    • Reward all "reasonable attempts

    Demonstration: "Say 'Oo'" *Makes Oo with lips but no sound* High five and "good job" would be given.
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Monthly Service Review: Level 3
Monthly Service Review Level 3