World Civ 4-16-15

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  1. Kristallnacht
    night of broken glass; large scale nazi attack
  2. Non-aggression pact
    signed between germany and russia to not attack eachother
  3. how did the lend-lease act benefit the U.S?
    got help to take down russia...germany....?
  4. What was the u.s response to japanese aggression in southeast asia in mid-1941.?
    Cut off supplies to Japan
  5. What prompted great britain and france to declare war on germany?
    Hitler invaded poland
  6. What was hitlers reason for invading poland?
    cordor of the sea; land
  7. Blitzkrieg
    lighting war, surprise
  8. reasons for the fall of france to germany?
    paris was taken over, troops were trapped. Overrun and demoralized.
  9. Vichy, France
    puppet state was set up there
  10. Winston churchill
    Prime minister of Britain
  11. Battle of Britain
    Hitler lands more than 250,000 troops in britain.
  12. Lesson learned by battle of britain?
    hitler can be stopped
  13. Atlantic charter
    FDR and churchill... set final goals for the war; supported people to choose their own government
  14. How did the japanese try to build a pacific empire?
    took us british and french territory; lack of materials
  15. Pearl harbor attack
    dec.7 1941
  16. Fdr response to pearl harbor attack?
    disbelief and rage
  17. yamamoto?
    Japanese naval leader
  18. How did civilians in the us help with the war effort?
    made war supplies
  19. Erwin Rommel
    German commander "Desert Fox"
  20. Douglas MacArthur
    American General: led island hopping campaign
  21. What was the allies; plan for victory over the nazis?
    create a 2 front war.
  22. Island hopping
    moving from island to island to push the japanese out
  23. Battle of midway
    turn of the war
  24. battle of El Alamein
    stopped axis from taking suez canal
  25. battle of the coral sea
    air-sea battle
  26. battle of guadalcanal
    turned war in favor of the allies
  27. battle of stalingrad
    axis powers decline; furthest point germany will get.
  28. Battle of the bulge
    hitlers last offensive
  29. battle of iwo jima and okinawa
    helped us win the war; bloodiest battle
  30. d-day
    allies invasion of france. allies on top
  31. general dwight eisenhower
    american general; leader of d-day
  32. What cities were the atomic bomb dropped?
    Hiroshima and Nahasaki
  33. Manhattan project
    codename for atomic bombs
  34. VE day
    victory in europe day
  35. nuremberg trials
    axis leaders being tried for crimes against humanity.
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