Fed Govt Exam 3

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  1. the residents in the area from which an official is elected
  2. a representative who votes according to the preferences of his or her constituency
  3. same race, ethnic group
  4. hire and fire
  5. holding the political office for which one is running
  6. To offset incumbency-
    some groups support term limits
  7. process of redrawing election districts and redistributing legislative representative
  8. allocates congressional seats among the fifty states according to population changes
  9. appropriation (earmark) that specifies a project to be funded in a particular district
    • Pork barrel legislation
    • Ex: Highway bill
  10. party leadership
    speaker of house
  11. leader is majority
  12. debate time in house? Senate?
    • House= limited
    • Senate= unlimited
  13. Senators can __ to prevent action on legislation they oppose by continuously holding the floor and speaking until the majority backs dow (only in senate)
  14. 3/5th vote of senate can end a filibuster referred to as __
  15. 3 possible actions a president can take regarding a bill
    • 1. sign
    • 2. veto
    • 3. pocket veto
  16. automatically triggered if the president dos not act on a given piece of legislation passed during the final 10 days* of a legislative session
    • pocket veto
    • *if the president does not act on a bill it becomes law after 10 days during session
  17. 3 external influences affecting congress' decisions
    • 1. legislator's constituency
    • 2. interest groups
    • 3. political parties
  18. 3 Internal influences affecting congress' decisions
    • 1. party leadership
    • 2. congressional colleagues
    • 3. president
  19. What purpose does the party whip serve?
    Communicate among party members
  20. agreements between legislators in voting on a bill (I'll support you if you support me)
  21. supervises how legislation is carried out by the executive branch
  22. amount of money approved by congress unit or agency of government can spend
  23. formal charge by the house that government official has committed
    • Impeachment
    • -effective safeguard against executive tyranny
  24. acts as the grand jury by voting if evidence exists to convict and forcibly remove the person from office (requires majority vote
  25. requires a 2/3 senate majority vote to convict
  26. Name 5 of the presidents expressed powers
    • 1. Military
    • 2. Judicial 
    • 3. Diplomatic
    • 4. Executive
    • 5. Legislative
  27. president's role and congress role in declaring war

    Understand the President’s role and
    Congress’ role in declaring war and the purpose and effect of the War Powers
    congress (both houses declares war) purpose: to limit power of president
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