chapter 9 p301 exam 4 p301

  1. total quality management
    a philosophy that involves everyone in an organization in a continual effort to improve quality and achieve customer satisfaction
  2. there wasnt a quiz on quality so there might be some definitions on the final
  3. quality contributors (slide power points)
  4. Deming Prize
    Maclcom  Baldrige award
    • Japanese award given to anyone
    • United State award give to US
  5. certification (ISO)- is not the same thing as award you have to show leave of knowledge on material
    most cases its ISO certification is a prerec to do business with companies in Euro. ISO 9000 is the  most common certification
  6. Six Sigma
    • A business process for improving quality, reducing costs, and increasing customer satisfaction
    • Satistically
    •    Having no more than 3.4 defect per million
    • Conceptually
    •    Program designed to reduce defects
    •    Requires the use of certain tools and techniques
  7. Background on 6 sigma
    • Motorola developed it in 1982
    • they won malcom baladrig awarsd
  8. 6 Sigma Process (DMAIC)
    • Define- what problem needs sloved
    • Measure- Process Map,
    • Analyze- Mulch-Vari Studies
    • Improve- Screening
    • Control- SPC, Control Plans
  9. you need to know the 7 basic basic quality tools
    • Flow charts
    • check sheet
    • histogram
    • prado digram
    • scater diagram
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chapter 9 p301 exam 4 p301