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  1. Da/Xiao Ji
    • root
    • bitter cold
    • Hr Lv
    • cools blood, reduces toxic swelling by detoxification
    • Xiao Ji focuses on blood in urine, Da Ji reduces swelling
  2. Di Yu
    • root
    • bitter, astringent, cool
    • Lv, St, Li
    • like Da Ji, but focuses on bleeding in lower jiao (intestinal, UT, menses)
  3. Huai Hua
    • flower
    • bitter cool
    • focused on skin problems
    • Huai Jiao = fruit , focuses on hemmorhoids (often use with DIYU)
  4. Ce Bo/Bai Ye
    • Leaf
    • bitter astringent cool
    • Lu, Lv, Li
    • focus on upper jiao bleeding (Lu, St) coughing & vomiting blood, also expel phm, stop cough, blacken hair
  5. Bai Mao Gen
    • rhizome
    • sweet cold
    • Lu, St, Bl
    • diuretic for Bl heat causing blood in urine (UTI)
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