3.7 Female Reproductive System

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  1. 5 functions of female reproductive system
    • -produce ova
    • *female germ cell
    • **gamete

    -facilitate fertilization

    • -gestation period
    • *pregnancy

    • -lactation
    • *nurture infants

    -produce female sex hormones
  2. Ovaries) 2 functions
    • -production of gametes called gametogenesis
    • *oogenesis in female
    • **produces oocytes

    -production of steroid hormones, estrogen & progesterone
  3. Which 3 ligaments holds ovaries in place?


    • -broad ligament
    • *has 3 structures
  4. Ovary) ovary cortex contains...(2)
    -ovum and follicles
  5. Ovary) medulla contains
    Blood vessels
  6. Ovarian cycle begins with maturation of...
    Primordial follicle
  7. Description of primordial follicle
    Contains an ovum surrounded by layer
  8. Primordial follicle turns into
    Primary follicles
  9. Primary follicle turns into
    Secondary follicle
  10. Secondary follicle turns into
    Vesicular follicle
  11. What occurs to the vesicular follicle in beginning of ovulation?
    It ejects the ovulate oocyte and the remnants turn into corpus luteum
  12. Pre-ovulation follicle is called
    Vesicular follicle
  13. Vesicular follicle) what's an Antrum?
  14. Vesicular follicle) oocyte surrounded by
    Corona radiata
  15. Germinal epithelium overlies...
    Tunica albuginea
  16. What are the female duct system called?
    • Uterine tubes
    • *fallopian tubes
  17. Female duct system) Proximal to distal (4)



  18. Female duct system) isthmus
    Arises from the uterus
  19. Female duct system) ampulla
    This is common location for fertilization to occur
  20. Female duct system) fimbria
    fingerlike projection that move to catch the oocyte
  21. Road to uterus) peristalsis
    Helps propel the oocyte down
  22. Road to uterus) dilated mucosa
    Beating action of mucosal cells that line lumen to propel it down
  23. Road to uterus) non-ciliated mucosa
    Keep oocyte moist & nourished along the journey to womb
  24. Uterus) 5 parts to it




    -cervical canal
  25. Uterus) fundus
    Where uterine tube joins the body
  26. Uterus) cervical canal communicated with
    Uterine & vagina
  27. 3 ligaments that hold uterus in place by ligaments )
    -broad ligament

    -cardinal ligament

    -round ligament
  28. 3 ligaments that hold uterus in place by ligaments ) broad ligament is
  29. 3 ligaments that hold uterus in place by ligaments ) cardinal ligament is located towards...
    The cervix
  30. 3 ligaments that hold uterus in place by ligaments ) round ligament sits
  31. embryologic analog of spermatic cord and how>?
    Round ligament of uterus because it goes through inguinal canal
  32. Layers of uteran wall) Perimetrium
    Outer most layer of visceral peritoneum
  33. Layers of uteran wall) myometrium
    Thick smooth muscle layer
  34. Layers of uteran wall) myometrium responsible for
    Pushing the baby out
  35. Layers of uteran wall) endometrium , 2 parts to it
    -stratum functionalis

    -stratum basalis
  36. Layers of uteran wall) endometrium, stratum functionalis (3)
    Inner layer which undergoes changes with the menstrual cycle

    Layer that gets shed during menstrual cycle

    Closer to the lumen
  37. Layers of uteran wall) endometrium, stratum basalis (3)
    -placed more deeply, closer to the myometrium

    -basal layer

    -replaces functional layer after menstruation ends
  38. Layers of uteran wall) in which layer does the embryo plant itself?
  39. Blood supply to the female reproductive system) (2)
    • -Ovarian artery
    • *gonadal artery

    -branches of internal iliac artery
  40. Mammary glands) develop in response to (2)
    Estrogen and progesterone
  41. Mammary glands) milk production in response to
  42. Mammary glands) milk let down in response to
  43. Vagina and external genitalia) Perineum
    Diamond shaped area divided into 2 areas
  44. Vagina and external genitalia) Perineum divided into (2)
    -urogenital triangle

    -anal triangle
  45. Urogenital triangle located ______ on the Perineum
  46. Anal triangle located _____ on the Perineum
  47. Vagina and external genitalia) Perineum) anatomical landmarks , pubic symphysis
    On the anterior side
  48. Vagina and external genitalia) Perineum) L/R ischial tuberosities
    Sits on lateral side
  49. Vagina and external genitalia) Perineum) coccyx sits
    Posteriorly on the Perineum
  50. Vagina and external genitalia) Perineum) perineal body
    CT anchors midline between triangles
  51. Vagina and external genitalia) Within the urogenital triangle (6)
    -mons pubus

    -labia majora

    -labia minora


    -urethral orifice

    -vaginal orifice
  52. Hair follicles AND labia majora & minora
    Only majora has hair follicles
  53. what forms the clitoral hood?
    Labia minora
  54. Clitoris is the
    Erectile tissue
  55. What does the vestibule contain? (2)
    Urethral & vaginal orifice
  56. What does the Mons Pubus cover?
    Pubic symphisis
  57. Perineum, where are the Penis And scrotum located
    Outside of the UG triangle
  58. Perineum muscles)  what are the 3?


    -superficial transverse perineal
  59. Perineum muscles) what are the 3 muscles innervated by? (3)
    Pudendal nerve S2,3,4
  60. Perineum muscles) these are located deep to
    Superficial perineal (colles) fascia
  61. Perineum muscles) superficial transverse perineal forms the
    Midline of the triangle
  62. Urogenital diaphragm muscles ) which are the 2?
    -external urethral sphincter

    -deep transverse perineal
  63. Urogenital diaphragm muscles ) innervated by
    Pudendal nerve
  64. Urogenital diaphragm muscles ) located deep to
    perineal muscles
  65. Urogenital diaphragm muscles ) they _____ the Perineum
  66. Superficial to deep (3)

    -urogenital diaphragm

    -pelvic diaphragm
  67. Pelvic Diaphragm muscles ) (2)
    -levator ani

  68. Pelvic Diaphragm muscles ) innervated by?
    Ventral rami S3,4,5
  69. Pelvic Diaphragm muscles ) deep to the _____
    Pelvic peritoneum
  70. Pelvic Diaphragm muscles ) supports the
    Pelvic organs
  71. LOOK through the layers of muscles
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