London 12months DIALOGS best style to export Jan-Mar.txt

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  1. Jan 1. 12th Night- Amy : Mammy,---
    • Amy : Mammy, next door have just taken down their Christmas dacoration!
    • Jane : Oh, today is the 5th, isn't it? Yes, lots of people take them down on the 5th. But let's do it tomorrow. That will be the 12th day of Christmas, or as we say Epiphany.
    • Amy :I know that the Three Wise Men came to see Baby Jesus on that day, didn’t they?
    • Jane : That’s right. When I was your age, my mother used to bake a special cake to celebrate.
    • Amy : What kind of dake?
    • Jane : Is was a kind of lemon cake, really yummy.
    • Amy : Shall we make one today?
    • Jane : Oh, no, sweetheart, I don’t feel like doing it today.
  2. Jan2. It’s the first snow for a long time.-Ann : Oh, your---
    • Ann : Oh, your car is covered with snow.
    • Ben : It started to snow just as I left my parents’ house.
    • Ann : We may get it here, too.
    • Ben : I expect we will. It’s our first snow for a long time, isn’t it?
    • Ann : I remember around this time two years ago, we got completely snowed up on our way down to Cornwall.
    • Ben : Yeah, we did, didn’t we? The road was jam-packed with cars but they were not moving an inch.
    • Ann : It was terrible. We were hungry, and I wanted to go to the loo.
    • Ben : Looking back on it, we should’ve brought something to eat with us, just in case.
    • Ann : And a bedpan, too?
  3. Jan.3 Cold feet-Jane : What---
    • Jane : What are you up to, Dan?
    • Dan : I’m looking for a big plastic sheet.
    • Amy : What for?
    • Dan : I want to use it for sledging.
    • Amy : Can I come?
    • Dan : I’, afraid not. It’ll be scary. I’m sure you will get cold feet when you see the slope.
    • Jane : Whereabouts are you going?
    • Dan : Blackheath Hill. There are lots of good slopes there.
    • Jane : Be careful, Dan.
    • Dan : Oh, I’ll be alright. Before I go, let’s have a snowball fight, Amy!
  4. Jan.4 I miss my hot-water bottle-Amy : Mummy,---
    • Amy : Mummy, I miss my hot-water bottle.
    • Jane : Yours has burst, hasn’t it? OK, I’ll get a new one tomorrow.
    • Amy : Thank you, Mummy.
    • Alan : It’s time for a bedtime story, Amy?
    • Amy : Yes, Daddy. Could you read me the next chapter from “The Load of the Rings”?
    • Alan : Yes, of course, darling. Have you brushed your teeth?
    • Amy : Yes, I have, and I’ve got my nighty on. Mummy, could you remind me to take my lunch money to school in the morning?
    • Jane: All right, sweetheart. Good night. Sleep tight. Sweet dreams. I’m going to have a bath now.
    • Amy : Good night, Mummy.
    • Alan : OK, Amy. Are you ready? Shall we begin?
    • Amy : Yes, please, Daddy.
  5. Jan.5 The first spring flowers : Snowdrops-Ann : Look, Ben---
    • Ann : Look, Ben. My mother sent me some snowdrops in a pot!
    • Ben : How did she send it?
    • Ann : By post, with a “fragile” sticker on it. It must’ve been handled very carefully.
    • Ben : Oh, they are gorgeous, aren’t they? How kind your mother is.
    • Ann : Yes, she is. I rang her, but she wasn’t in, so I left a message on the answer phone.
    • Ben : We don’t see them very much in London, but I bet there are clumps of them everywhere in the countryside.
    • Ann : Yes, by roadsides, fields, river banks and of course in gardens. The first flowers of the year.
    • Ben : A sign of early spring. Wordsworth wrote a wonderful poem about daffodils but nobody has ever written a great poem about snowdrops.
    • Ann : Shall I make one up? “Snowdrops, snowdrops, burning bright....
    • Ben : Oh, no, you are copying William Blake’s “Tiger”, aren’t you?
    • Ann : Oh, my goodness! I’m cheating, aren’t I?
  6. Feb.1 Whit Elephant-Amy : What kind---
    • Amy : What kind of pancakes are we having, Mumme?
    • Jane : Well, let me see. We’d better make savoury ones for tea, don’t you think?
    • Amy : I’d like to have some with lemon and honey, please.
    • Jane : Alright. But first, how about having pancakes stuffed with curried potatoes?
    • Dan : I fancy having something meaty. How about pancakes with Chicken Tikka?
    • Alan : I wonder if those are proper pancakes to have just before Lent. In the old days, people use to fast during that period.
    • Dan : Oh, Dad, stop fussing! That’s why we have to eat something filling before the Fast.
    • Alan : OK, OK, let’s have all those different pancakes.
    • Jane : At last, I can bring out the crepe pan from the cupboard. I’m so glad it won’t end up as a White Elephant.
  7. Feb.2 Full of beans-Jane : How was Mary?---
    • Jane : How was Mary?
    • Alan : She was fine, thank you. She was full of beans as usual but her recent fall has made her a bit tired.
    • Amy : Did Grammy like my pictures?
    • Alan : Oh, yes, she was delighted with them. And she is really looking forward to seeing you in the half-term holiday.
    • Dan : Dad, I am afraid I won’t be able to come with you. I’ve got a cricket match.
    • Jane : Oh, yes. I forgot about it. In that case, just Amy and I shall go. You stay behind, Alan.
    • Alan : OK. I’ll do that. We can all go to see her together in the Easter holidays.
    • Dan : Mum, I’m so glad you got on well with her now.
    • Jane : Oh, Dan, it’s all fine between us now.
    • Alan : Oh, yes, my mother can be a difficult customer.
  8. Feb.3 Terrible Twos-Jane : Don’t cry---
    • Jane : Don’ cry so much, sweetheart. Mory has gone to heaven. She is sleeping peacefully now.
    • Amy : But she is not here with us anymore.
    • Jane : It was a shame that we had to have her put down. But she had a good life.
    • Dan : Yes, she was older than me. 15 is very old for a dog.
    • Alan : Do you remember when she first came to live with us, Jane?
    • Jane : Yes, we went to a rescue home for dogs and chose the quietest one. She seemed quiet at forst, but she wasn’t really. She needed lots of lots of attention.
    • Alan : She had three owners before she came to us. So she was very insecure, and barked all the time.
    • Dan : Was that before I was born?
    • Jane : No, you were two years old. You were a “Terrible Two”, then.
    • Alan : Yeah, that year was terrible. Two attention seekers were in the home!
    • Amy : Was I in Mummy’s tummy?
    • Jane : No, not yet.
  9. Feb.4 Valentine’s Day-Ann : Thank you---
    • Ann : Thank you for your card, Ben.
    • Ben : Thank you for yours, too. Did you receive any from your secret admires?
    • Ann : Yes, I did. But they were jokey ones. I got one from my ex. How about you?
    • Ben : Oh, yeah, I seem to have lots of secret admires.
    • Ann : Oh, don’t be so bigheaded. But I have to watch out for them.
    • Ben : Don’t worry. I’m kidding you. I love you so much.
    • Ann : I love you, too.
    • Ben : Here is a present for you, darling.
    • Ann : Oh, they are beautiful. Thank you very much.
    • Ben : By the way, I have booked a table for us tonight at one of your favourite restaurants.
    • Ann : Which one?
    • Ben : Have a guess. I’ll give you some clues. Clue number one, it’s in Piccadilly. The second clue is : they serve Modern British cuisine.
    • Ann : Oh, I know that place. It’s wicked!
  10. Feb.5 Flat mates-Ann : I’m thinking---
    • Ann : I’ thinking of moving from my flat this summer.
    • Ben : You’ve been there for a couple of years, haven’t you?
    • Ann : Yeah, it will be exactly two years by the end of June.
    • Ben : Luckily you’ve got lovely flat mates at the moment.
    • Ann : Yes, I’m so lucky. Aiko is very lovely and the boys are fun to be with.
    • Ben : Is Hugo going back to France when he finishes uni?
    • Ann : Yes, he is. So is Walter. When he finished his work experience in June, he goes back to Bonn.
    • Ben : It seems there are lots of changes going on.
    • Ann : That’s why it’s a good time for me to move.
    • Ben : It’s not a bad idea. But I’m sure Aiko will miss you.
    • Ann : I suppose so.
  11. Mar.1 Mothering Sunday –Mother’s Day present-Alan : Shall we go---
    • Alan : Shall we go to buy our Mother’s Day presents today?
    • Dan : That’s a good idea. I don’t know what I can get for Mum.
    • Alan : Have you asked her?
    • Dan : No, but it’s better to have a surprise.
    • Alan : Something useful would be nice. Oh, I remember she said she needs oven gloves.
    • Dan : I can get those easily enough.
    • Amy : What can I get for her? Shall I get her a piggy bank of a mug?
    • Dan : I think she would prefer a mug. Hers got broken the other day.
    • Alan : Oh, I bet her ears must be burning. She is so lucky to have beautiful children like you two.
    • Amy : I’m lucky to have a mummy like my mummy.
    • Dan : Is Mother’s Day nest Sunday, this year?
    • Alan : Yeah, it usually comes three weeks before Easter. I have to get something for my mother, too.
  12. Mar.2 As fit as a fiddle-Ann : I’ve decided---
    • Ann : I’ve decided to join the gym. I have to do some exercise, otherwise I’ll just put on weight.
    • Ben : I thought you were as fit as a fiddle!
    • Ann : Oh, no, wish I were. I’ve found quite a good one. I can use the gym, swimming pool and sauna for just ₤50 a month. I can go as often as I want.
    • Ben : That sounds good. Can I come with you sometime?
    • Ann : Of course. Actually I can invite friends. They can get a good deal, too.
    • Ben : I don’t like the gym much, but I’d love a sauna. It’s a nice way to unwind after a long days work.
    • Ann : Yes, I agree. Swimming is also a nice way to relax. I especially like swimming when it’s rainy outside. I always think, as long as it’s raining, I might as well get completely wet.
    • Ben : So you have a swim. What a good idea. As for me, when it rains, I think “I’ll have a drink! At least I can wet my throat!”
  13. Mar.3 Thant’s not on.-Ann : I’ve just realised---
    • Ann : I’ve just realised that they’ve made a terrible mistake with the train ticket. I booked on the 7.30pm train. But look at this! It says 7.30 in the morning!
    • Ben : Oh, that’s not on. You can get it changed.
    • Ann : I bought it from Telesales, so I don’t know if I can change it at the station.
    • Ben : But you should ask. It’s a Super Saver ticket, isn’t it?
    • Ann : Yeah, so the choice of trains is limited. But I definitely said “7.30 in the evening”. I remember that when I was making the booking, I felt like hanging up, because the sales clerk was so incompetent.
    • Ben : If you can’t change it at the station, you’d better write a letter of complaint.
    • Ann : I certainly will!
  14. Mar.4 At a loose end-Amy : I’m bored.---
    • Amy : I’m bored. It’s so boring. I’ve got nothing to do.
    • Jane : Oh, my sweetheart. Why don’t you play with Alice next door?
    • Amy : She’s gone to Oxford with her mum.
    • Jane : How about Lucy? Is she at home?
    • Amy : She’s gone cycling with her dad.
    • Jane : Oh, you are at a loose end today, aren’t you? Let’s do something nice together, then. Dan and Daddy are at a cricket match, so they won’t be back until late.
    • Amy : Shall we go to the river for a walk? Then I can pick some yellow caffodils.
    • Jane : What a good idea! Let’s make a packed lunch and have a picnic there. Yes, the river banks are covered with yellow daffs now. But which river walk do you mean?
    • Amy : Mm. It’s up to you, Mummy.
    • Jane : Oh, I’ll take you on the most beautiful walk. We can walk miles and miles among the daffodils.
  15. Mar.5 The clocks go forward-Aiko : I’m very sorry---
    • Aiko : I’m very sorry to be late. I didn’t realise that Summertime began today.
    • Ann : Don’t worry so much. I thought it might be something like that. When did you realise that the clocks had gone forward?
    • Aiko : At Swiss Cottage, the station clock showed 12 o’clock. I thought it was strange. So I asked the lady who was sitting next to me if she had the time.
    • Ann : We may feel strange today, but we’ll get used to it very quickly. There are lots of advantages to having Summertime. First of all, we can save lots of electricity.
    • Aiko : That means we get up early and go to bed early. “The early bird catches the worm.”
    • Ann : That’s it, Aiko. Anyway, let’s go to the “Rose and Crown”. Ben is waiting there, drinking his favourite ale. By the way, he is so excited about showing you how to play darts at the pub!
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