Musculoskeletal System Procedures

  1. Orthopaedist
    • "To straighten up children"
    • orthopedist- incorrect spelling
  2. Rheumatologist
    • "to study the flux of fluids"
    • Rheuma-watery discharge
    • treat joint diseases
    • also treat: osteoporosis, tendonitis, gout and lupus
  3. Osteopath/osteopathic physician
    alternative medicine emphasizing manipulation of muscle tissue and bone
  4. Podiatrists
    • foot doctors
    • surgical subspecialists in diseases and structural problems of the feet
  5. Physical Therapist
    • 2 years of specialized training past a bachelor'sĀ 
    • rehabilitation specialists
    • teach pts exercises to strengthen their body, increase mobility and how to prevent recurrence of injury
  6. Arthroscopy
    fiberoptic instrument is introduced into a joint cavity in order to visualize surfaces of bones entering into the joint, find tears in internal joint structures, and evaluate sources of inflammation
  7. Bone Scan
    • a small amount of a radioactive element is introduced into the blood streamĀ 
    • used to diagnose bone tumors
  8. electromyography
    • a recording of muscle activity
    • used in evaluating causes of paralysis, diagnosing muscular dystrophy, and other neuromuscular disorder
  9. Muscle Biopsy
    cutting out a small tissue sample of muscle to examine under a microscope
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Musculoskeletal System Procedures
Musculoskeletal System Procedures