Jurisprudence: Rules of conduct

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  1. Board
    Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners
  2. EDPE
    Equine Dental Provider Jurisprudence Exam
  3. NBVME
    National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners: Produces, administers, and scores the national exam
  4. NAVLE
    North American Veterinary Licensing Examination: Replaced national exam in 2000
  5. Passing score for vets taking the NAVLE
  6. Passing score for LVT taking VTNE
  7. Passing score on state boards
  8. What test was there before the NAVLE?
    NBE (National Board Examination) and CCT (clinical competency test)
  9. SBE
    State Board Examination
  10. VTNE
    Veterinary Technician National Examination
  11. LVTE
    Licensed Veterinary Technician Jurisprudence Examination
  12. Veterinary Technician Program definition
    Program of education for vet techs accredited by AVMA
  13. AVMA
    American Veterinary Medical Association
  14. Can a criminal background check be done before issuing license?
  15. Qualifications for a vet tech to be eligible for a license
    • 1) 18 years old
    • 2) Passed both national and state boards
    • 3) Graduate of a vet tech program
    • 4) Pass national before apply for state board exam
  16. Qualifications for a vet to become eligible for a license
    • 1) Age of majority 
    • 2) Passed national and state exams
    • 3) Graduate of a school of vet medicine approved by board
  17. If criteria is met for a vet to become licensed and the board denies the license, vet may petition decision and board will consider the following when deciding whether to grant petition...
    • 1) Availability of the NAVLE 
    • 2) Number of years petitioner has been in practice
    • 3) Petitioners license status and standing in other jurisdictions 
    • 4) Status in specialty
  18. Qualifications for a EDP license
    • 1) Passing score of 85 on EDPE 
    • 2) Certified by International Association of Equine Dentists or other approved entity
  19. Do you have to pass the national exam before applying for the state board?
  20. How often will the board schedule a jurisprudence exam for vets acquiring special licenses?
    Once a year
  21. Qualifications to apply for a special vet license
    • 1) Age of majority 
    • 2) Graduate of vet school
    • 3) Written affirmation of the Dean of school
    • 4) Pass jurisprudence exam
  22. Board may issue provisional license to...
    A person seeking regular vet license in Texas, will not renew, reissue, or extend a provisional license
  23. Qualifications to be issued a provisional vet license
    • 1) Proof of current active license in another state or jurisdiction of US
    • 2) Proof of passing national exam
    • 3) Passing of 85% on state boards
    • 4) Payment of application fee
    • 5) Proof of graduation from vet school
    • 6) Proof of vet experience
  24. Qualifications for a temporary license issued by state governor in event of Texas disaster
    • 1) Application for temporary licensing 
    • 2) Board verify licensed in states listed in application
    • 3) File application with the Texas Department of Public Safety 
    • 4) Application and state board fees are waived
    • Valid for 120 days or when disaster is over, which ever occurs first
  25. Qualifications for a temporary vet license
    • 1) Age of majority
    • 2) Graduate of vet school
    • 3) Passed national exam by at least 75%
    • 4) Active license in good standing in another state
    • 5) Not under final or current disciplinary ruling
    • 6) Proof of minimum 17 hrs CE
  26. Board will accept certified scores of the national exam issued by...
    • 1) American association of veterinary state boards 
    • 2) Official reporting service for the NAVLE
  27. When reapplying for the state board exam applicant must submit new application form and pay fee at least 45 days prior to date of exam if...
    • 1) Didint show up to first attempt of the exam
    • 2) Didnt pass first attempt
  28. Board will refund fee for state board examination if
    • 1) Provides notice no less than 14 days before exam that they will not be attending
    • 2) Unable to take exam due to emergency
  29. Who is responsible for signing all renewal certificates?
    Executive director of the board
  30. Who must complete the registration exemption certificate?
    Vets claiming active military duty or retirees
  31. Retirement defintion
    Voluntary and permanent conclusion of a vet licensee's practice of vet medicine
  32. If a first time retired vet wants reinstatement within the same year they retired they must..
    • 1) Pay annual fee plus $25
    • 2) If completed 17 hrs of annual CE then no further CE 
    • If not completed 17 hrs annual then must complete 34 hrs within 12 months of being reinstated
  33. If retired vet wants reinstatement and its been longer than one yr since they retired then they must...
    • 1) Petition board in writing and complete exam for reinstatement application with fees
    • 2) May have to take national exam before taking state board
  34. When does the executive director send out delinquent letters?
    March 10th of each year
  35. What must a vet wanting to be reinstated send to the board?
    • 1) Application
    • 2) Current photo
  36. When do license for vet, LVT, and LEDP expire?
    March 1 of each year
  37. If a LEDP or a LVT let their license be expired for more than a year must they take the state board exam again?
  38. Can a license be suspended if they default on a student loan or child support?
    Yes until paid or payment plan in place
  39. Can a vet express opinion or judgement on another licensee?
  40. Who can a vet report another vets corrupt behavior to?
    State board of veterinary medical examiners
  41. Vet must avoid corruption of others...
    A vet knows something bad about another vet and doesn't come forward with the information
  42. Can a vet form a partnership of veterinary medicine with someone who is not a member of the vet profession?
  43. Licencee who's license has been suspended or revoked must report it to the board within how many days?
  44. Can a vet licensed in different state consult on a case here in Texas?
  45. Can a vet license in a different state make routine visits here in Texas?
  46. Vet can delegate vet care to non vet employees such as...
    • 1) LEDP
    • 2) Animal chiropractic
  47. Can euthanasia be performed by a non-veterinarian?
    Yes only under immediate supervision
  48. Can a non-veterinarian administer a rabies vaccine?
    Yes under direct supervision and only if their is a current vet-client-patient relationship
  49. After determining the nature of an emergency can a vet issue treatment instructions without being present?
    Yes to prevent death or suffering of the patient
  50. Alternative therapies definition
    Therapeutic application by use of hands or any mechanical device to treat and/or alleviate impaired or altered function of the musculoskeletal system
  51. Animal chiropractic and MSM performed by a licensed vet must..
    • 1) Has a valid V-C-P-R 
    • 2) Exam done
    • 3) Obtains signed statement from owner saying this is an alternative therapy
  52. Who can perform alternative therapies?
    • 1) Licensed vet
    • 2) Non- licensed employee- under direct/general
    • 3) Independent contractor- under direct/general
  53. Ultrasound definition
    Mechanical radiant energy with a frequency greater than 20 kilocycles per second.
  54. Ultrasonics definition
    Part of the science of acoustics dealing with the frequency range beyond the upper limit of perception by the human ear, but usually restricted to frequencies above 500 kilocycles per second
  55. Ultrasonic radiation definition
    Effect of ultrasound which is injurious to tissues because of its thermal effects when absorbed by living matter
  56. Ultrasound therapy definition
    Controlled doses of ultrasound used therapeutically to selectively break down pathologic tissues, as in treatment of arthritis and lesions of the nervous system.
  57. Diagnostic ultrasound definition
    Ultrasound images used as a diagnostic aid by visually displaying echoes received from irradiated tissues
  58. Ultrasonography definition
    Visualization of deep structures of the body by recording the reflections of pulses of ultrasonic waves directed into the tissues
  59. Ultrasounds used for diagnostic purposes must be done by a vet or employee under general supervision and meet which requirements..
    • 1) Vet must have ordered ultrasound
    • 2) Must have V-C-P-R
    • 3) Vet makes the diagnosis
  60. Non vet can perform ultrasound for therapeutic purposes if...
    • 1) Vet has V-C-P-R
    • 2) Vet has made a diagnosis
    • 3) Vet has ordered ultrasound as treatment
    • 4) Must only be done at vets request
  61. Acupuncture definition
    Insertion of an acupuncture needle and the application of moxibustion to specific areas of animal's body to relieve the discomfort associated with painful disorders, to induce surgical anesthesia, and for therapeutic purposes
  62. Who can perform acupuncture?
    Only vet
  63. To perform acupuncture, holistic medicine or homeopathy what must be established
    • 1) Valid V-C-P-R
    • 2) Physical exam
    • 3) Release form signed by owner
  64. Who can perform holistic medicine?
    Only vet
  65. Holistic medicine definition
    Practice of veterinary medicine that believes in a blend of alternative and/or conventional approaches of treatment in an effort to develop a system of complementary medicine to treat the patient
  66. Examples of holistic medicine..
    • 1) Herbal medicine
    • 2) Acupuncture
    • 3) Chiropractic 
    • 4) Homeopathy
  67. Homeopathy definition
    System of therapeutics in which diseases are treated by substances which are capable of producing in healthy animals symptoms like those of the disease to be treated, the substance being administered in minute doses
  68. Can a LVT under direct or immediate supervision extract teeth without use of an elevator
  69. LEDP under general supervision and a non vet employee under direct supervision may...
    • 1) Remove sharp enamel projections
    • 2) Remove small overgrowths
    • 3) Filing 
    • 4) Reducing incisors 
    • 5) Extract loose teeth
    • 6) Remove calculus
    • 7) Remove non wolf teeth
  70. Vet can discontinue treatment if...
    • 1) At clients request
    • 2) After the completion of treatment/diagnosis
    • 3) Referral to another vet
    • 4) Notice to client providing reasonable period of time for client to secure other services
  71. If care of patient is beyond vets capabilities what must vet do
    Provide referral
  72. What has to be done before issuing health certificate?
    Current exam of patient done by the vet
  73. Vet can only reveal client/patient info if...
    • 1) Written/oral authorization waiver by client
    • 2) Court ordered or subpoena
    • 3) As necessary to obtain debt for services
  74. Acceptable forms to display boards information in the clinic
    • 1) Written notice form in area frequented by clients
    • 2) Brochure in frequented area
    • 3) Statement on clients bill
  75. Vet can advertise only...
    Truthful information
  76. Can vet list or advertise fields of medical specialties?
    Only if they are board certified in that specialty
  77. Does vet have to display license in clinic?
  78. Can an equine chiropractor hand out their clinics business card to gain referrals?
  79. Medication labels must include..
    • 1) Vet name, address, and telephone number
    • 2) Date of dispensing 
    • 3) Species of animal
    • 4) Name, strength and quantity of drug
    • 5) Directions for use
    • 6) Cautionary statements
    • 7) Clients address and name
  80. Scheduled drugs in training or racing animals may only be dispensed for...
    Medical purposes, not for enhancing purposes
  81. In Texas a vet must be regulated with who to dispense controlled substance drugs?
    DEA and DPS
  82. Person not registered by DEA can dispense controlled substance drugs if..
    • 1) Registered vet gives supervises or employs a person 
    • 2) Vet has knowledge of person dispensing drugs
    • 3) Vet has given written permission for person to dispense under their license 
    • 4) Person is registered with DPS and vet has knowledge of this
  83. Controlled substances must be kept where..
    Behind double locked door along with the drug log book
  84. Labeling requirements for compounded drugs
    • 1) Date which drug was compounded 
    • 2) Name and strength of active ingredients 
    • 3) Identity of treated animals 
    • 4) Withdrawl/withholding times if necessary 
    • 5) Condition/disease being treated
    • 6) Date dispensed
    • 7) Expiration date
  85. Vet cannot compound or order a drug compound if...
    Their is a FDA approved animal med or human med that will treat patient
  86. Can a vet sell or promote a compound drug that is similar to a FDA approved drug?
  87. With food animals a compound drug must be withdrawn when...
    In enough time to ensure safety for human consumption
  88. Extra label use or off label use means...
    • 1) Compounded drugs
    • 2) Use in species not on label
    • 3) Use for disease/condition not on label
    • 4) Use at dosages, frequencies or routes of administration not on label
    • 5) Deviation from withdraw time
  89. Records on controlled substances usage must be kept for how long
    5 years
  90. Controlled substance records must include the name of the drug as well as...
    • 1) Date of acquisition
    • 2) Quantity purchased  
    • 3) Date administered 
    • 4) Quantity dispensed 
    • 5) Name of client/patient receiving drugs 
    • 6) Total balance on hand of drug
  91. Rabies certificate must contain...
    • 1) Owners name, address, telephone number
    • 2) Animal identification (sex, age, weight, breed, color)
    • 3) Vaccines product name, manufacturer, and serial number 
    • 4) Date vaccinated 
    • 5) Expiration date of vaccine
    • 6) Rabies tag number 
    • 7) Vets signature
  92. How long must vet keep copy of rabies certificate?
    5 years
  93. If vet has knowledge on animal bite to a human they must report it to who
    Local health authority
  94. Vet who retires must bring all rabies certificates within the last 5 years to who?
    Local health authority
  95. When to gives rabies vaccine?
    16 weeks old then a booster within 12 months then every 3 years after that. If booster is missed then patient has to get booster shot and come back within 12 months to get another then every 3 years after
  96. Vets patient record keeping must include...
    • 1) Name, address, telephone number of client
    • 2) Identification of patient
    • 3) Patient history
    • 4) Dates of visits
    • 5) Immunization records
    • 6) Weight
    • 7) Temperature
    • 8) Lab analysis 
    • 9) Diagnostic images
    • 10) Differential diagnosis/treatments
    • 11) Name, dosages, concentration and routes of administration of any drugs 
    • 12) Any signed waivers
    • 13) Identification of vet who performed any above actions 
    • 14) Date and substance of any referrals
    • 15) Date/substance of any consultation with specialists
    • 16) Copies of any health documents
  97. How long must vet obtain clients records?
    5 years
  98. Can a client have vets patient records?
    Copy not the original
  99. Can a vet charge a client for patients records?
    Yes but a reasonable amount
  100. If vet resolves a practice and doesnt sell to another vet who do the records then belong to?
    The state
  101. EDP records must include
    • 1) Name, address, telephone of client
    • 2) Identification of patient
    • 3) Patient history
    • 4) Dates of visits
  102. If a client request copies of patient records how long does vet have to prepare copies?
    15 days
  103. If a client owes a vet money must the vet still hand over copies of patient records?
  104. If vet is closing their practice they must notify clients by...
    • 1) Placing written notice in office
    • 2) Sending written notification to clients seen in the last 3 years
  105. Can a vet render emergency care or first aid to a human if no compensation is expected?
  106. If obtained more CE hours (up to 10 extra) then needed can they be carried over to only the next year?
  107. How long must CE certificates be kept
    4 years
  108. If convicted of a crime how long do u have to tell the board?
    30 days
  109. Temporary limited service must inform state board and follow these rules...
    • 1) Maintain sanitary conditions
    • 2) Injections with sterile disposable needle/syringe
    • 3) Use a non porous table
    • 4) Maintain biologics and injectable meds in temp rang 35-45 F
    • 5) Blood/fecal exams before dispensing meds
    • 6) Maintain rabies vacc records for 5 yrs
    • 7) Provide client with printed form that contains identify of vet and address where records are kept
  110. What is a legend drug?
    Prescription drug
  111. If board sends you mail or anything how long do you have to respond to the board?
    21 days with a certified letter
  112. What must any animal adopted from a shelter have done?
    Must be spayed/neutered or owner must sign form saying they will have the procedure done
  113. Log book for controlled drugs in other states must be kept for how many years?
    2 years
  114. Reprimands from the board will include..
    • 1) May be formal or informal
    • 2) Written order of the board
    • 3) Have public info
  115. What will happen if a vet or EDP is practicing without a license?
    Cease and desist from the state board
  116. Examples of misdemeanors and felonies that board will punish you for
    • 1) Murder
    • 2) Animal cruelty
    • 3) Robbery
    • 4) Assault
    • 5) Child abuse
  117. LVT annual license fee
  118. When must annual fee be payed?
    March 1st of every year
  119. Biologic definition
    Serum, vaccine, antitoxin, or antigen used in the prevention or treatment of disease
  120. Invasive dentistry or invasive dental procedures definition
    Exposing of the dental pulp, or performing extractions
  121. AAVSB meaning
    American association of vet state boards
  122. What is the fine for someone practicing vet med without a license?
    Cease and desist letter sent, $1000 per day until they stop
  123. When must license renewal fee be paid each year?
    By march 1st
  124. Top 3 winners of the Kentucky derby
    • American pharoah
    • Firing line
    • Dortmund
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