Spanish to English Words-Hard.txt

  1. Liquefacer
    Liquify (liquify someone's face)
  2. Desatornillar
    unscrew (Desi unscrewing torn nail)
  3. Afortunado
  4. atornillar
    screw in (torn nail)
  5. suplicar
    beg, plead
  6. cegar
    to blind (diego went blind smoking cigar)
  7. take shoes off
    descalzar (away from calzado/footware)
  8. acuchillar
    knife, cut open (say cuchi, cuchi then knife)
  9. procesamiento
    criminal prosecution (for processing mints)
  10. furgoneta
    Van (with fur and furry gonads inside)
  11. Serrar
    to saw (saw down sierras)
  12. Coger
    grab, take, seize (the cog)
  13. pelotear
    kick a ball around
  14. disposicion
    arrangement (to dispose of something takes an..)
  15. idear
    think up, design (at ideo they design)
  16. impressionante
    impressive (impressionists were…)
  17. amplitud
    breadth (spanish thinks amplitud is breadth, not hght)
  18. situar
    to place, position (to situate)
  19. Ceno --> Cen(n ya)o
    scowl, frown (it's a "sin yo" to frown)
  20. resumir
    summarize (resume is a summary)
  21. suministrar
    supply (the souix were supplied by minister)
  22. desviar
    divert, deflect (desi sent bullet down vias)
  23. tejido
    tissue [bodily] (tissue made of tea and dough)
  24. trama
    scenario ("see" a "knee" in a "river" from tram)
  25. mala hierba
    weed (bad herb is a…)
  26. Corriente principal
    Mainstream ("principals" have to be mainstream)
  27. Deslumbrar (Desi's fruit of "loom bra" was amazing)
    amaze, dazzle
  28. Realzar (Real Czar dignified and audience; and used viagra)
    dignify or enhance, make greater
  29. aspirar [2]
    1. aspire; 2. inhale; 3. snort drugs (slang)
  30. adjuntar
    1. annex or add; 2. enclose (carta)
  31. Fundir (melt down cheese in fondu
    melt down
  32. difundir
  33. ahogar [2] (choke on hogie, drown after eating hogie)
    1. drown; 2. choke
  34. ahuyentar
    scare away, chase away
  35. tapar (cover drain with tapa plates)
    cover, stop up, plug up
  36. Batir [2] (whip up bat in blender)
    1. Whip, whisk; 2. beat (in battle)
  37. disparate (shot of tea being stronger than coffee is bullshit)
    baloney, bullshit
  38. Partir [2]
    1. part (as in start off); 2. crack, break open (as in part)
  39. escala
    stop over, layover
  40. recostarse
    recline, lean back
  41. bromear (joke around with bros)
    joke around
  42. supuesto (allegedly "soup of pesto" was good)
    alleged, reputed
  43. Sentido [2]
    1. sense; 2. sincere
  44. apuro (a pure breed dog usually has hardship)
    deprivation, hardship
  45. asunto
    thing, thingamajig
  46. disparatado (shot at todd is…)
    absurd, ridiculous, stupid
  47. vendar (not sell, but..)
    bandage ("vin" diesel)
  48. lloriquear
    whimper, whine ("ricky" ricardo whined after crying)
  49. desander ("de"ion "sander"s backs up from receiver
    back over/retrace
  50. resguardar (guard the beef)
  51. donante (my "auntie" donated a donut)
  52. Corporativo (environment @ "tivo" is corporate)
  53. procedimiento (procedure to remove mints from stomach)
  54. tratado (if tried, then it's a treaty)
  55. piel (think piel of animals)
    fur (in addition to skin)
  56. mercancia ("cans" are a commodity)
  57. grosero (gross arrows are rude)
  58. tachar (cross out attachment in email)
    cross out
  59. demandado (respondent makes demands of dad)
  60. guisar (stew "geese")
    to cook, to stew
  61. superar
  62. covertizo ("cover" for "tiz"zy cornish)
    shed (~garage)
  63. atrasar (trask slowing down to back of peloton)
    slow down
  64. Podar (=!poder; clipping pod of pees)
    to clip or prune
  65. apestar (smell of "a pesto" sauce stank, nauseated me)
    to stink, smell, nauseate
  66. columpio (two greek columns supporting playground swing)
  67. regano (scold children for putting rogaine on face)
  68. rendija (randy's hija showing crack)
    crack, fissure
  69. obrar reciprocamente
  70. escondidos
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