Doctor Orders

  1. Shoulder Views for Chen?
    AP, Y view and axial
  2. All of the doctors order the AP, Lateral and Sunrise for knee's in the exception of who?
    Garfinkel and Ramani
  3. What views for the Knee does Ramani like?
    "PA" of both knees, lateral and sunrise.
  4. What views of the shoulder does R. Lombardi prefer?
    R. Lombardi likes AP and AP with arm lifted away.
  5. For both Lombardi's, what views do they usually prefer unless otherwise specified?
    AP and Lateral of EVERYTHING.
  6. For Dr. Ryan, how many views does he want for all his xrays? What is the third shoulder view he prefers?
    • Dr Ryan prefers 3 view of everything. 
    • For shoulders, Dr. Ryan prefers to have the axial view with patient leaning over CR.
  7. How does Dr. Patel like his foot and ankle xrays?
    Dr. Patel prefers his patients to have weightbearing foot and ankle.
  8. For Dr. Ramani, how many views does he usually prefer for all his x-ray? Which one does he prefer only two views?
    3 views for everything EXCEPT shoulder
  9. Which views does Garfinkel prefer for knees?
    • He prefers 4 views:
    • - AP both knees
    • - Lateral
    • - Sunrise
    • - Tunnel
  10. For Dr. Garfinkel what do you have to make sure is in the correct place when he takes his knee xrays?
    You have to make sure all the x-rays are going under the right order.

    Example: Right Knee has to go under RIGHT knee. Left Knee has to go under LEFT knee etc.
  11. How many views of the shoulder does Garfinkel prefer?
    He prefers FOUR shoulder views. He's the only one that uses four shoulder views.

    • Views:
    • - AP
    • - AP Internal
    • - Y-View
    • - Axial
  12. How many views does Dr. Idank prefer?
  13. For Dr. Vega, how does he prefer his hip x-rays?
    • Dr Vega prefers two views:
    • - One AP Pelvis
    • - One frog lateral of affected side.
  14. For Dr. Patti, how many views does this doctor prefer?
    2 views for everything.
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